tbh i like my freckles more


Toddlers are out and since I missed my babies actually being babies I made them into toddlers just to see how cute they would have been. So here’s gen 3 as babies, if you guys would like to see gen 2 as babies give me a shout because I can certainly do that as well!

Shout out to @tinwhistletoo who really wanted to see Eli as a baby! I think they’re all adorable tbh! And also, obligatory stripey tights for Teagan for you of course tinny, she always did look amazing in her stripes! 😉

niasglamour  asked:

Fave oc character to draw?

Alright so I couldn’t think of a way to answer this without drawing anything so well done 

This is Shannon and the only thing she loves more than the sound of her own voice is her best friend.

I like drawing her because she changes her hair colour all the time and she has dark skin and freckles. Tbh i don’t draw my OC’s a lot. This is my first drawing of her in months. And the last one I drew looks like garbage


have some transparents

as always, all images used come from official kingdom hearts artwork, feedback on how i did is very much appreciated, and please like/reblog/credit me if you wanna use this ^^

i accidentally gave myself feels when working on this, so have some of my rambling/headcanons about the kingdom hearts ladies under the cut

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i hate how “natural bushy brows” are starting to become a trend bc i have bushy brows and people used to make fun of me for it before i started doing them??? tbh i started caring more about my brows and brow shape after a “friend” told me “ew your eyebrows!” and im just like ???? ok???? and idk its just making me mad how facial features that used to be seen as “ugly” are suddenly…..a fashion trend?

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Where did you got sam's skin from? Like her lips and all the texture?

her base skin is the blackmojitos skin bigger lips by @s4models and then ive added all her freckles and more skin texture by myself :p ive highlighted and changed a looot like how her nose looks, different lips, more stomach definition, stretch marks on butt (made the butt overall more defined) and boobies (also changed her nipples to be bigger and darker) and some tiny scars and stuff but yeah ive just added that myself in photoshop :) so the skin ive made for her is personal only for her and tbh it looks ridic if i try it on my other sims hahaha