tbh i just want a sitcom

I really want like a crack-ish, dark humor sitcom that is just post-reveal Adrien and Gabriel (assuming that he is Hawkmoth) having to still live together and be a father and son while knowing that they’re arch nemeses. 

G: Another late slip, Adrien? I did not send you to public school so that you could shirk off your studies and make a habit of being tardy. 

A: Well I probably would’ve been on time to class if someone hadn’t launched an attack at four in the morning last night. 

G: Watch your tongue, boy. I managed to wake up this morning to tend to my own duties just fine. And I thought superheroes didn’t make excuses…

A: And I thought super villains were actually supposed to be threatening…

G: What?

A: What?


A: Did you know that cats can catch and eat butterflies?

G: And you felt the need to inform me of this because…?

A: *flashes his ring* Just wanted to remind you. 


A: Father, are you…why are you holding my hand?

G: ….I’m not. 

A: It’s the middle of the night. Are you…are you staring at my ring?

G: Don’t be foolish, boy. I’m trying to steal it. Hopefully, this will circumvent any unnecessary theatrics that come from creating villains. 

A: ….I’m getting a lock on my door. 

’hi i just thought of a sitcom idea where the weeknd is an annoyed stoner that moves in with daft punk, two test robots that are slackers and have an obsession with clubbing. shit happens, hilarity ensues. boom u got a more edgy seinfeld. also they have a pet panther that stores dead bodies.’

this is a genuine idea what the fuck,, i want to make it into a real sitcom