tbh i have no idea what he was trying to say

i’m actually so glad that steven got to hear from someone that rose wasn’t perfect and that she made some questionable choices. All this time steven has been trying to live up to this idealised idea of rose that he has from what everyone else says about her and now its finally getting pointed out to him that he doesnt have to try and live up to that

I’m okay with all ships- straight, gay or anything in between. You think Zayn and Liam get it on backstage when no one is looking? Okay! You think Phil sucks Dan off when he’s filming videos for his channel? Fuck yeah! You’re pretty fucking sure that Jack and Mark have a thing behind the scenes? You’re probably right! You think Louis is/has dated Eleanor, Brianna, and Danielle? Okay man! Or maybe that Harry belongs with Taylor Swift? Alright! But where I draw the line is people insulting/harassing other people because of something that brings them joy. Is it that fucking bad if not everyone agrees with you? If they’re wrong, let them be wrong! It’s not your problem! But don’t tell someone to cut or kill themselves or disrespect them just because they don’t live in the same reality as you.



General Hux’s turn! One idea was to look up different countries’ General uniforms and start mixing them and try to build some to fit the First Order one. But it was kind of off the point I had with this whole thing, so I went with sharp&formal look with militaristic touch!
Greatcoat look is pretty similar to the canon, different with suit and tie (with first order pin) with big First Order insignia pin to keep the suit closed. Also pants are something close to suit pants and logo on arm is an arm band. In this and the more relaxed look I used red as an accent (cos it looks good). General stripes on coat, as tattoo (I really had to) and even on the black cigarette (open in full view you’ll see). Somehow I also wanted to add the dumb hat, not much different cos i didnt know what to do with it tbh. Hat look is kinda leather heavy with leather jacket, cardigan with leather sleeves, leather pants and leather bag, also gloves. always the gloves, even with his tablet/pad :P
Undercut cos I really wanted to and it has that 2010s sharp feel but also it’s a military cut soooo (really only cos i really like them omg)

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I found a few photos from an article in… I believe it was Otomedia Vol. 3, August 2011. In it, they “interview” the Xillia characters over what they do during the summer and the answers are pretty great. So I thought I’d share my rough translations.

Q: What do you do when it’s hot out?

Jude’s Summer

For me, before I even realized it, I was in charge of all the meals. So of course, everyone wants something cold. And Alvin, he’ll purposefully be really clingy, saying “Juuuude, isn’t it hot out~?” Isn’t that kind of cruel? I don’t really mind preparing food, though. Usually, if anyone asks anything of me, I try to do what I can. Jeez!

Milla’s Summer

When it’s hot, usually I read books about humans and history. Recently, Leia and Elize said they wanted to go to the beach with me and made such a fuss until I agreed to go… oh yes, it was that time! Jude stealthily followed us after. If he wanted to come with us, he should have just said so. Humans can be so difficult to understand, sometimes. It would appear I still have much to learn.

Leia’s Summer

Back at home, I used to head out near the mountain and catch kabuto beetles that were thiiiiiis big! Oh, speaking of kabuto beetles, my childhood friend Jude… he’s a boy and yet he’s terrible with bugs. A long time ago, I put a buuuunch of kabuto beetles in his desk and he ended up crying…. huh? That could have been why he doesn’t like them? Yeah, I guess so~ …ah… yeah…. sorry, Jude.

Alvin’s Summer

Gotta be the beach. Open women and fun things to do when you’ve partnered up with one, right? If not that, I guess maybe leaning on Jude. If I do it enough, eventually he’ll sigh and make me something cold when we stop to rest, hehehe. But… when I do that, even if I’m just joking around, one glance from Rowen and I can’t take it. It’s like he sees right through me, and every time he looks I can feel the disapproval…

Elize’s Summer

I… stay in the basement. It’s dark, but it’s pleasantly cool, so it feels good? But… Leia said I should come play outside. Jude and Rowen asked me to play together too. I-it’s not that I don’t want to… but, being together with Milla is best, definitely! What about Alvin? Alvin’s… a liar, so I hate him.

Rowen’s Summer

If you are too careless, you could die, so you must possess great strength of spirit. Everyone, when you get to be my age, the heat of summer is suddenly… it can sometimes be a bit much. *cough*…… it’s okay to laugh there. However, even as summer threatens my life, all the women give me confidence, so I do not feel bad. But as far as I’m concerned, summer is detestable and I hate it.


hi. okay, so i had this idea. i know we all have been dreaming of tyler being on ellen one day. 

i decided we should make it happen! im not kidding. ellen has a spot on her website where you can leave suggestions for her show. if we all message her talking about tyler and his channel and his prizeo campaign i think we can make it happen! that is exactly the kind of thing ellen wants on her show anyways! if enough people message saying that’s what we want to see it just might happen!!!

so go here 

attatch this picture (or anything like it):

and message her saying anything like this:

(you can talk about how passionate he is about the trevor project, or how he is a role model for the lgbtq community, or just how he is such a great person all aroud!)

GUYS I THINK WE SHOULD TRY! i sent mine in, so send your in too. and reblog this or spread the word. lets make this happen for tyler!

anonymous asked:

I adore your Steven Universe/Undertale crossover art! And I wanna ask...have you given any thought as to how Steven would react to Flowey?

Undertale Spoilers

>> tbh I’m not sure…

I mean… I think I have an idea of how Steven would react.. BUT I don’t know how FLOWEY would react to him!

All I can really say is that I doubt it’d go the same as in the game?
I mean, things would probably happen the same way as in the true pacifist playthrough [So no killing Asgore], but I think the dialog would be different, since Steven would probably try to talk to Flowey!

Also, Steven is half human, half gem.. he can use magic… I bet that would confuse Flowey a bit…

[man what if, at the very end, once Steven understands Asriel’s whole story, he’s able to heal Flowey? ;A;]

just jihoon moments..

remember during seventeen tv when jihoon sang to justin bieber’s boyfriend or when he got kissed by seungcheol or when he was attacking mingyu with his guitar and mingyu was holding into that door for dear life or when he was shaking wonwoo vigorously like a dummy or when he would look into the camera and do aegyos or when he hit those CRAZY FRE AKING HIGH NOTES LIKE WTH MAN and when he had that intense dance battle with soonyoung or when he was trying to each wonwoo how to pronounce “girl” aND LOTS MORE OF OTHER MOMENTS BUT I JUST WANNA SAY THAT THIS BOY IS INCREDIBLY PRECIOUS

My fic idea:

Ok ok ok so super AU but imagine a magical person (dang im feeling sirius tbh) who falls for a muggle and he reveals that he’s mAGICAL and she’s like “omg show me stuff” and he starts with red sparks or s/t and she’s like “LET ME TRY LMAO” and sirius is like lmao ok w.e because what can a muggle do?? but as it turns out this muggle can effectively use a wand??? wtf?? so he’s like “UM did u get a letter by owl in the summer of ur eleventh year??” and she’s like uh. no. BUT her parents spoke to mcgonagall when she wasn’t home (extended sleepover, camp, whatever) and they reFUSED to allow her to attend this “scam of a magic show” and mcgonagall is like ok bc parents have the final say unless it’s harry potter (but i digress). so sirius is like wtf ive fallen for a magical muggle ok.

but they’re also in the midst of a war. so sirius keeps her safe, only a few people know about her (since sirius is the hated black and she is a muggle by all means)

so when sirius doesn’t come home a few days after halloween in 1981, she starts to worry because “uh. where’s my stupid boy.” then an owl carrying the prophet comes along with his conviction, she’s like fCUK THE ONLY PEOPLE I KNOW IN THE WIZARDING WORLD ARE DEAD (aka james and lily) HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO KEEP UP WITH THE WORLD)

and that’s all i have so far but it’s just a stupid au that i thought of and put very little extra thought into it

Today was a wild fuckin’ ride. Right so, I was just out chillin’ with my mates and then one of my friends was like ‘yo, sauce me a sick drink, you beaut’ and we’re like Alex, we don’t have any drinks. He got sad for a second but that’s when I got the idea to go to Timmies – I work there, so I can get us free French Vanillas and timbits. Everyone starts calling me a fucking legend and then we’re all making our way down to Tims to have some mad chirps and great food. Just as we’re about to get there, our friend, Michael was like ‘you guys, this rocket I’m wheeling is hitting me up. I’ve got to go.’ So, we’re all about to say goodbye and shit when Avery fuckin’ roasts him like a chestnut. This boy starts calling Mikey a duster and laughs at him for trying to wheel girls who clearly aren’t interested when the rest of us are gonna be chilling at timmies with our free food. I mean, he had a point, eh? Anyways, we all had a great ol’ time at Tims and the girl bailed on Mikey last minute… so, that’s why you shouldn’t be a duster. Stay in school, kids.

I know I posted about this HOURS ago. but #wherearethemaceanraigs

I didn’t specifically say so in there (almost did but it just didn’t work? with the flow of things?) but in chapter 2 when Evrion’s sitting on the beach trying not to panic and thinking of where to go next, he does consider them, ultimately decides that isn’t going to work right now because they’re Far Away and he’s Alone and recognizes that trying to physically get to them by himself is a Stupid Idea but also He Can’t Trust Anyone Now, Except Duncan, Who He Just Told To Fuck Off, And Who Isn’t Gonna Take Him To His Grandpa Even If They Make Up

anyway, that’s my justification for him not completely fucking ditching Duncan to go to Fearchar, which is what he would do if he could, and tbh it’s a good thing he can’t, because then there would be no story……… but LATER, when he’s a Warden and needs to make allies. buddy’s got a family of banns on the damn sea, like, ???? I know I can just say Fuck It and do what I want, but it’s Work. and I want it to make sense without changing too much.

Bioware, stop droppin the ball, stop making me pick up ya slack.