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@artsyfalafel told me I should post the fixer upper I wrote for Legends. It’s not what is canonly going to happen, based on next weeks trailer, but I felt the need to write something so I could stop being angry. 

Amaya found Ray in Mick’s room, sitting on an overturned hamper and cradling some type of futuristic (to her) gun in his hands, turning it over forlornly. He didn’t look up at her, though she knew that he knew she was there.

“We were such idiots,” he muttered, lip curling in distaste, at himself, Amaya realized. “Treating him that way, thinking he was just going to…I don’t know, follow us loyally no matter what? We treated him like shit.”

“Can’t disagree with you there,” Amaya said softly, dragging over a crate and sitting down next to him. “Though I would like to point out that you are the only team member that admitted we all distrusted him.”

Ray frowned harder, fingers tightening on the gun. “That’s the thing. I did trust him. I trusted him enough to be his partner, to take a beating for him in a goddamn Russian gulag. And the worst part is that I still…”

“You still trust him.”

It wasn’t a question, and Ray flinched. “Yeah,” he admitted. “Yeah, I do. He might have started out just a thug and a criminal and an arsonist and a-”


He offered a thin smile. “Point. He might have been those things…but he’s changed. He got captured, and fucked up, and he’s smart, I know he is, he taught me how to take apart and put this gun back together in less than thirty seconds, and it wasn’t even his.”

“Whose was it?” Amaya asked curiously.

Ray winced, absentmindedly starting to pull apart the cold gun. “Snart’s.”

“The guy who Mick left us for?”

“He wasn’t that nasty when he died,” Ray said, studying the slowly falling apart cold gun. “He died for us. The Legion just got an eviler version of him. Neither of them…”

He trailed off yet again, eyebrows furrowing and jaw tightening as he stared down at the gun. Amaya, mistaking his falter for emotion, reached a hand out and settled it on his knee. “It’s okay. I believe you. Mick is a good guy. I-”

“Look at this.”

Ray ripped a piece of paper from the inner workings of the gun, shoving it into Amaya’s hands and waiting breathlessly while she skimmed it, once, twice, three times, eyebrows shooting up in surprise. “This is…”

“A plan,” Ray confirmed, looking over her shoulder to read it again.


Know you’ll find this, you nosy bastard. You fiddle to keep busy.

I’m going with Snart on purpose. We don’t know how the spear works. They won’t trust the rest of you, but to them, I’m a criminal. Not a Legend.

Team’ll probably hate me. S’fine. Not like they don’t already. I expect you to keep quiet about this. The less people know, the better. I’m going to try and bring Amaya with me. If she doesan’t come, fill her in.

I’m gonna figure out this damn stick, get rid of the Legion, and then we’re getting rid of this godawful piece of wood for good.

Don’t touch my shit, and put the gun back together.


Amaya glanced at him. “Do we tell them?”

Ray shook his head instantly, folding up the note and tucking it into his breast pocket. “No. We protect him subtly if we fight, but otherwise we don’t do anything unless he says. He understands these guys better than any of us, especially Snart. I trust him.”

A small smile slid over Amaya’s face. “I do too. And it seems he trusts us.”

Ray chuckled fondly, putting the gun back together and setting it aside, cracking his knuckles as he stood back up and offered a hand to Amaya. “Good. Because I’m gonna kill him when he gets back. And then hug him.”

“You’ll be dead before you can lay a finger on him.”


i’ve come to the conclusion that ren is just mother nature– but like if mother nature gave 0 fucks


hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…