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Fairest Cruelest
Webcomic by Rachel Gorman Artblog: raygorartshit.tumblr.com Additional art by:...

tfw one of your dearest friends & favourite artists in the world makes an entire webcomic about your phd subject and you can’t stop screaming about it for hours… 

everyone please read this, I beg of you- @raygorartshit is so incredibly talented and deserves all the love and support (and then some more! ♥) and also this is now my f a v o u r i t e thing in the entire world. 

(picture courtesy of @raygorartshit, obviously.)

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Okay so I check 'arctic monkeys new album' online so much it's unhealthy so I rarely learn anything new bUT apparently the earliest we can be expecting a new single by them is january and january 1st is literally in 43 days and I'm HYPED

Yeah I think January is pretty realistic for a single. And it’s getting super close!!! This hiatus is finally coming to an end and I’m really excited to see what they decide to break the silence with and how!

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Anush oh my god please write my name in Hindi it's Inka or Innie and it's a shortened version of my civil name which is the literal translation of the flower Dahlia ❁❁❁ also I am the most excited about Christmas tbh I love giving gifts and making people happy (but i haaate receiving gifts uh so its a bit of a bitterweet holiday for me)

yesss Christmas is exciting!! :) 

Want one?

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Kaemaki for that thing?


Who said “I love you” first: KAEDE. she’s like “oh maki i love you!” time stops as she realizes what she just fucking said. maki blushes and starts pulling at her hair. wtf. Impossible for nice girl to love maki harukawa. (BUT SHE DOES!!!!)

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: they both do. kaedes is a pic of her kissing maki on the cheek and maki’s is kaede onstage at a piano recital in a big fluffy dress

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: oh that’s kaede for sure

Who buys the other cheesy gifts: tbh neither. maki doesn’t do that kind of thing and kaede definitely DOES, but maki also doesn’t like a lot of things, so kaede just doesn’t bother. she’d rather save her money for taking maki out to dinner or something


Who kisses the other awake in the morning: kaede never ever leaves without kissing maki unless they’re having an argument, in which case she just kisses maki more later to make up for it

Who starts tickle fights: maki accidentally found out that kaede was ticklish and only uses it when kaede is being unreasonable. oh, you refuse to stop trying the same damn thing over and over with the same result? tickles.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: maki doesnt ask, she just comes in and kaede is like OH HEY I GUESS

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: gjfjfjng i always imagine kae would work at a school as a music teacher and she has adhd so sometimes she forgets her lunch. maki at the receptionist desk like “i have a package for akamatsu… yes, she forgot her lunch again”

Who was nervous and shy on the first date: both of them were nervous messes but in different ways

Who kills/takes out the spiders: kaede canonically doesnt like bugs but she doesn’t want maki to kill them so she traps them in a cup and puts them outside while going AAAAAAAAAAAA the whole time

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: kaede. what a fucking menace. too full of love for her gf.


“Just ten days after her daughter disappeared.. Inside the garbage bag that she threw out were a pair of knit mittens.”


…the world cracked open.


Sterek AU: Honeymoon in Europe

After spending 3 days and nights enthusiastically celebrating their honeymoon locked from lips to hips, Stiles and Derek thought it would be nice to at least explore some of Italy before moving on to Spain for the next leg of their trip.

Spoiler: Their outing lasted nearly two hours before dangerously flirting with public indecency charges.