Eren hesitantly peeked around the corner of his cell. The dark hall that came to face him scared him just a bit since Captain Levi was a scary person and he could come back from the bathroom any second. He could kick Eren’s ass harder than he did at trial, that isn’t good, even though his bruises were healed it still hurt where he was kicked. What more if it were to happen again? Just because his head was out of his cell, his head, just his head, it counted as his whole body which meant he was out of the cell.

It wouldn’t be Eren’s fault though. He didn’t touch the cell door. Only the superiors and those on guard duty could do that, open, close, and lock the door. Because Levi was here, it would be Levi’s fault that

the cell door was left unlocked.

But would it be his fault for not saying anything before Levi left him? He could’ve said something before the man walked away and passed out of view. A “Wait” or a “You left the door open” would’ve been nice, but instead he let his mouth hang slightly and his head followed the direction of Captain Levi. Not a sound came out of him.

He was thinking about it too hard.

The other half of him was saying, “it’s not so bad.” Why not just walk out there? No one could blame him, if anyone saw a door open like that then they’d probably want to walk through it, right? So Levi could just blame the boy’s curiosity and let it slide.

Of course, Eren being Eren, decided to walk out of the cell. He just stood there, head turned to face the long dark hall that stared back at him. He felt afraid to move, sneaking out like that, what was he thinking? Oh. He was thinking Levi could let him off the hook.

Seconds seemed like hours. His head remained awkwardly turned while his body faced the cell door. He felt like waiting for Levi rather than just walking out, but he also felt like just walking out rather than waiting for Levi. The latter sort of seemed to be a better option, though.

So of course he walked out into the blackness, soon heading up stairs, and coming to face another hall. Two, actually. They met where he stood, giving him two choices as to where he should go. What if Levi was in the one he chose to go down? Just knowing that he could be anywhere, that, scared the living shit out of him.

Right or left, right or left, right or left…

Oh fuck it, why not left? He needed a break from the right, for some reason he always went that way. The bathroom, to the right, mess hall, to the right, the big-ass trees were mostly to the right. How come he barely goes left? The only thing in that direction that he could think of was his cell.

He tried to keep his footsteps silent as he walked down the long, longer than long, hallway. Maybe it just seemed that way, fear does that to people. Seconds began to feel like hours, all of the silence around him suddenly turned into white noise in his ears, his vision seemed to lose color and range. His legs began to feel a bit numb as well.

And all of this was because of some stupid decision he had made. And he began to wonder, how could one change their mind so quickly? Didn’t seem possible. It seemed kind of stupid to change yoir mind so quickly. But, he was going to admit, that yes, he was a blithering idiot at times. This was one of those times and he didn’t really have any choice other than to accept it. What could he do when he was already half way down the hall? And when his legs are moving forward without consent of his brain?

No, it wasn’t his legs, just something, something really fucking stupid, was telling him to keep going. But the reasonable side told him to just stop before someone murdered him. Someone, ahem, Levi. He wasn’t supposed to be out of his cell. But the door tempted him to just get up and walk out. If that door was a human being then the case would’ve been that it was an illegally seductive person tempting his raging boner towards them.

Fortunately, but also unfortunately, that was not the case.

He began to wonder why he would so suddenly get an erection in a situation like this, dark hall, everything seems black and white, ringing in his ears. Levi could fall from whatever kind of sky and pierce through his body with 3DMG. He has all this in mind, and yet, his dick is standing tall and proud because of the thought of a door being an impossibly sexy human being. That was wrong. And witless. No way that could happen, someone like that couldn’t possibly exist! And for Eren? Not in a fucking eternity.

This was too off-topic. He was supposed to be thinking about what kind of kick to the face he had to get for being out of his cell.

Not about how he has a boner for an imaginary being.

Or maybe he was supposed to be thinking about all the blood rushing to his cock, because Captain Levi does not wear dresses and walk around dark halls late at night. But he does always look like a sex god so.

The red fabric was glittering in the darkness of the hall, hugging the man’s body tightly and outlining every curve on his figure. Eren could make out roses patterned onto the crimson dress. There was a neat black ribbon tied neatly into a bow on his waist. As he looked down and studied every detail of the clothing he noticed a cut where Levi’s hips would be, revealing pale flesh once he moved his leg.

Eren didn’t want to make it sound like he wanted to fuck or anything, even if he kind of did. He didn’t want to die today either.

So why did his dumb ass call out to the man and say, “Sir, you look amazing!” with a smile on his face? He was trying not to get caught. Not to get himself killed before he could kill all the titans.

Ahh, shit fuck this is bad isn’t it? Damn it Eren, don’t make it gay. He’s gonna throw you to the Military Police and watch you get dissected! Fuck, what have you done, aah, shit, he’s slowly turning his head in your direction… Shit shit shit fuck abort abort run away! Don’t just stand here like a dumbass!

He felt like he couldn’t move. Levi was turning his head. Really fucking slowly. In his direction. He was getting really damn terrified, why do an action like this in a place so dark and why at night? Why wear a dress if he’s going to do it? He didn’t understand it. At all. The dress looked so nice and… Oh. Maybe his eyesight was terrible.

Because as Levi began to turn his body and slowly walk towards him, he realized those were actually splotches of something red. Probably not paint since paint doesn’t usually smell like corpses, right?

Maybe his poor vision was worse than he thought if he didn’t notice how unusually pale Levi’s face was. Or how he looked like the fucking Joker.

And that’s when Eren decided, fuck the details, he was going to fucking run for his life. He turned around and bolted past the corner, making his way directly for the stairs. The one’s leading down to his cell. He never ran so fast in his life.

But who was he to think he could beat Captain fucking Levi Ackerman of the Survey Corps, Humanity’s Strongest Soldier? Of course when he turns around, he’s right fucking there in his face. And he screams. He screams so fucking loud, about ten seconds later Levi has his shoulders and the whole damn place is running over.

Great fucking job, Levi.
“Captain… What was that for?”

“Fun. I planned this, by the way.”


“Because I like your face.”

“Thank you…?”

“But I love your ass. Bye.”


What? What??”


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