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nac but lol at ppl who want 1d to date a woc...hell when has any of them ever been here for poc in any capacity?! tbf liam and niall both dated mixed girls (danielle and selena) but if you're waiting for them to date anyone non mixed or black then congratulations, you played yourself. these guys have all either said racist things (louis) or are friends with known racists (grimshaw, andy, and whoever that guy is that did blackface in that pic with niall), lest we forget.



Went out to a Super Best Friends fan hangout last night!! Damn, what a huge turnout!!

My fondest memories will be giving them my print I made and buying the boys water late at night. They were getting super tired by the end of the night, poor guys :O

Hope you guy’s got some well-deserved rest afterwards, @realestmatt !!