A Vida eh Louca , & O Meu jogo Eh Bruto , Hoje é Festa 🎉🍁.Amanhã Pode Ser Luto ♣' Os Comédia Não me Assusta Eu Não Fujo Do Conflito 🔫 . Eu Tbem Sou Blindado Pelo Sangue De Jesus Cristo.😻🙌🎤🙏🍂🍃

I really hate when people treat fic writers like shit. Would you like an update? Yes. Do you need to make the writers feel like shit because you’re not getting a new chapter every hour? Hell fucking no. You want a fucking fic, wait. Writing is not easy. If you want a good story, your bitch ass is just going to have to wait. They don’t write 25/8. They have this thing called school and the rEST OF THEIR FUCKING LIVES. CALM YOUR FUCMING TITS & LEAVE TBEM ALONE YOU CUNT NUGGETS

& if you’re someone who sends someone hate over not “updating to your liking” I hope you fail your exams & get locked in a dark room full of legos , barefoot.

anonymous asked:

hanzo ripped my legs off and hit my in the face with tbem

*hanzo voice* look what u made me do. now my hands are all bloody.