i’m done with numbers, but i’m doing yours because you’re special i guess 🤷🏽‍♂️ but hey we’re gonna go to taco bell and have a tbell date and then we’re gonna watch The Breakfast Club sound good?

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Today, my best friend’s film premieres at Tribeca and to say I’m proud of her is putting it lightly. When she first told me about Thumper, my immediate question was, “Wait, it’s about the rabbit from Bambi?” (To be honest, I’m still not entirely convinced it’s not. There’s probably a rabbit in there somewhere.) and now I use that joke just to annoy her. From the pink streaks to the long legs to the deliciously filthy curse words that spew from her lips..I know this role is going to be one of @elizajaneface ‘s best yet. I’m so sad I can’t be there, Cinderella. You don’t even know how sad but I’m cheering you on in spirit and I’m beaming with pride at how hard you’ve worked on this. You’re one of the most talented women I know and you deserve to shine and you deserve recognition for that spark. Words can’t even begin to express just how thankful I am to have you in my life and how happy I am for you. Knock ‘em dead, princess. Love, your biggest fangirl for eternity. ❤️ @elizajanetc

credit to @alexiaisonfire for the amazing manip!

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Total 90′s vibe! @sleepinthegardn gett’n ready for Ellen! Makeup by me Hair by @davestanwell #makeupartist #pll #troianbellisario #ellendegeneres #ellen

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You guys know I love being outside, and eating well is so important to me, but the fruits and vegetables we love and the beautiful landscapes we are lucky enough to have, need bees to pollinate their flora, and bee populations are down. They are decreasing at an alarming rate: losing 44% of honeybee population just between the summers of 2015 and 2016. The environment needs us more than ever. Luckily there’s a little something we can all do for a big impact. Just create your own #selflesselfie and @BurtsBeesUS will plant 5k bee-nourishing wildflower seeds! Click the link in my bio to take your selfie! #workingwithburtsbees

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