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I AM SCREAMING, TRUST ME! (I had lectures all day today, I haven’t had a chance to go on here much!!)

I’m so excited to read the update omfg, you can read it here!

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TBE updated and destroyed me but then! But then! Lucy freaking camui wrote in the evening together and I can't. I can't anymore! The pieces fit so perfectly together!! When is their wedding? Can I dream of lucy writing ff for my ff? How is thia fandom so good?!?!?!

I KNOW RIGHT???? I love them :’)

some X6 headcanons

X6 has an affinity for black cats. In the Commonwealth, coursers are also considered an omen of bad luck, and he likes how clean and useful the animals are, how they devote themselves to killing vermin. He’s never had a pet, but sometimes, when no one’s looking, he gets a brush and cleans the cats at the Starlight Drive-In. 

Coursers are fiercely proud of their status as enforcers and protectors of the Institute, proud to have been chosen. Their coats, the symbol of their status, are very important to them. X6 hates being asked to wear anything else, though he doesn’t say so. 

X6 enjoys startling the other companions by sneaking up on them and unexpectedly appearing in rooms when they turn their back, but he would never admit to it.

X6 has heard about MacCready’s exploits as a mercenary and respects him; he once tried to make a “friendship overture” by following MacCready, leading to the most terrifying two hours of MacCready’s life.

X6 doesn’t know how to do basic medical care, as he rarely gets hurt. When he does get hurt, he’s expected to wait for someone at the Institute to fix it for him. (The Institute doesn’t want coursers learning how to maintain their own bodies.) For this reason, he thought stimpacks were like jet and psycho and is confused and dismayed when he sees Curie using them on injured people.  

He’s used to sleeping in the Institute and is very sensitive to noise; he often steals MacCready’s sniper nests to sleep in. He once scared the shit out of MacCready by unexpectedly appearing at his post thirty feet off the ground and got shot. MacCready was sure he was going to die. X6 thought it was kind of cute.

He enjoys his job, but if he had to pick a favorite part, it would be seeing the look of terror on people’s faces when they realize that they’re utterly outclassed.

He’s secretly very opinionated, but years of seeing other coursers get wiped or decommissioned for “seditious talk” have made him really wary of sharing his thoughts.

It’s difficult to earn his loyalty, but once you’ve got it, he’s with you for life.

feb 11

a relationship with god is a 
one step at a time masterpiece

backward step says: i don’t
trust him anymore

backward step says: i think
i still hate him

but my knees miss meeting
the earth

and they scream to be

i know i can’t ask for help
but i’m terrified

so my first step is kissing
the ground

and letting my broken
joints do the rest

because you can be whole
and cracked

you can be healed
and bleeding

I Keep Telling Myself This Is The Last Poem

how many times have i said this so far?

that you stole my words? - you pulled them out like old bondage chains and left the taste of metal. just enough to make me

want to say something, but it’s always the same. you stole the words

from me. i swear to god, i’d say something different if i could.

but this is good. this is a kind of mending i’m alive for. the less i write, the less i hope. losing hope is the most freeing thing i could do.  

but it hurts. a dying ember always does. but missing is good. dying is good. it hurts but it is good. 

i mean - it’s not like i can blame you. i practically shoved the keys in your hands. 

i begged you to own my words, simply because you were too beautiful 

i couldn’t keep quiet about it. i’m damned and it’s my own undoing and now i’m letting go of more 

after being completely drained out. but it is good. it’s moving on. 

i’ve never thanked god for a lost hope before. i’ve never thanked god for grief like this. 


Broad Shoulders // Taylor Bennett

Short Film 2017.