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can you explain to me how sex positivity benefits pedohiles? i get the men part but surely adult women practising sex positivity and sex work isn't benefiting pedophiles?

this is stupid you know damn well that at least 50% of the people on tbe internet are underage and girls. When they see that their fav on twitter is preaching “girls SUCK DICK!!!! scam men!!! suck a dick for $50, sell your nudes!!!!!!” theyre gonna go out and send nudes or have sex with adult men while theyre children because they think its normal because some freaks think its healthy. also donr get me started on tbe fact that its normal for fucking 13 year olds to posts semi nudes and dance seductively for the whole internet to see. theres so many more factors to this and dumb ass shit yall encourage but it all comes down to pleasing men only.

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What about UMFB Phichit and TBE Phichit swapping places?

@victorsporosya And I decided that umfb!Phichit and tbe!Phichit would definitely bond over drinks if they met. 

If they swapped places and met the respective Yuuris it would probably go something like this:

tbe!Phichit - oh thank god, you’re still a skater! This universe must be so much easier! Oh wait no, I spoke too soon

umfb!Phichit: Yuuri, in every universe the source of your problems can be traced back to either Viktor Nikiforov being a dick or Viktor Nikiforov’s dick

And if they met each other it would go something like:

TBE!Phichit: ‘Look, I’m not saying you have it easy. But at least your Yuuri still skates.

‘UMFB!Phichit: ‘Why? What does your Yuuri do?

TBE!Phichit bangs his head on the table.

And then he would tell Phichit because the only person he trusts with Yuuri’s secret is himself and they would drink together and commiserate over their idiot best friends and the massive complication in their lives that is Viktor Nikiforov

feb 11

a relationship with god is a 
one step at a time masterpiece

backward step says: i don’t
trust him anymore

backward step says: i think
i still hate him

but my knees miss meeting
the earth

and they scream to be

i know i can’t ask for help
but i’m terrified

so my first step is kissing
the ground

and letting my broken
joints do the rest

because you can be whole
and cracked

you can be healed
and bleeding

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Ok so we got canon and btds victuuri meeting umfb victuuri, but what about tbe victuuri meeting umfb victuuri. Wow never thought I see the day where I would type victuuri a lot in one sentence.

So I’ve discussed this with  @victorsporosya  and we have both agreed that umfb!Viktuuri and tbe!Viktuuri world collision would be the worst thing that could possibly happen. So here you have ‘the worst universe meeting ever’ courtesy of Adele and I ;)

Let’s say that either the Yuuris or the Viktors swap so that umfb!Yuuri meets tbe!Viktor and tbe!Yuuri meets umfb!Viktor. The problem here is neither would notice the difference. Not for a while at least. Because tbe!Yuuri is confident, just like umfb!Viktor thinks his Yuuri is, and tbe!Viktor is still the top skater just like umfb!Viktor and so on the outside it looks like there’s no difference. Which would create the worst possible misunderstanding.

Since both the couples have a longstanding history of inadvisable sexual encounters you can guess where they would inevitably end up. Tbe!Yuuri would go in assuming that Viktor was still wanting to be his client regardless of how complicated his own feelings were becoming. And umfb!Viktor by this point is used to Yuuri propositioning him seemingly randomly so he wouldn’t notice anything different at all. Not until afterwards, when Yuuri mentions that they could discuss payment later at least. To which his response would be something along the lines of ‘??????? what?’

Viktor would inevitably say something stupid out of surprise and lack of understanding at what the hell was going on. Tbe!Yuuri would be so upset at Victor, hearing something like that from someone he likes so much and admires so highly, thinking he was looking down on his profession and would end up lashing out out of hurt. Then when Victor tries to backtrack, Yuuri wouldn’t believe it. He’d probably say something about how Victor can keep his medals, his money and his time- as Yuuri would never imagine spending any more of his on someone so shallow. He’d probably tell Victor that all those gossip rags he’d ever read were right. Victor Nikiforov, alone for a reason. Which would break umfb!Viktor, especially after being told by Chris that he was clinging to what little he had with Yuuri because he was lonely and thought that he would never have love.

On the other hand, you have umfb!Yuuri and tbe!Viktor. Again, neither of them would notice the difference until afterwards when Viktor mentioned paying Yuuri for his services. And since umfb!Yuuri isn’t a professional escort and didn’t go into this expecting it to be a business deal or understand the tbe arrangement, the implication of what Viktor was saying he was to Viktor would be awful for him.

Tbe!Victor would probably figure out that Yuuri is not his Yuuri pretty quickly after Yuuri’s (very, very upset) reaction to the implied payment. And after the full story came out, his heart would be broken to learn that had things been different, had he and Yuuri known each other from the start, Yuuri would hate him. Because tbe!Victor likes to think that had he known Yuuri before he quit skating, things would be different. It would crush him to find himself in another universe where he did know Yuuri as a skater- they’re still not together. That would break TBE Victor’s fantasy rather severely. And as for umfb!Yuuri, he would think that his Viktor was definitely just using him for sex and nothing more considering in another world Viktor pays him for sex and nothing more (or so he would think).

Meanwhile umfb!Viktor would be confronted by a world where he thinks that Yuuri is literally just using him for his money and nothing else (again, at least so he would think). Which would not be pretty considering he’s surrounded by people trying to convince him that his own Yuuri is just using him to get medals, even if that isn’t true.

It would essentially do a lot of damage to both of their relationships, but the umfb couple more than tbe one. Umfb!Viktuuri are in love with each other, even if Yuuri can’t quite admit it yet, while tbe!Viktuuri are still figuring things out. It would hurt them a lot, but not as much terrible damage as it would put into umfb!Viktuuri’s relationship.


Broad Shoulders // Taylor Bennett

Short Film 2017.

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I'm in love with those excessive, emotional comments you've left on Adele's story. Getting a taste of a little bit of emotional devastation on your own, maybe? :D

Honest to god one of my actual comments was…

I am aware of the irony

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I feel like an absolute doofus asking but what is KIC and TBE?

KIC (Kings in Couture) is a Viktuuri fanfic by @forovnix. It’s a Devil Wears Prada AU and @actualyuuri summed it up pretty well here https://actualyuuri.tumblr.com/post/158496605889/what-is-kic
I haven’t read it yet because I’ve had to stop reading fic to finish writing obs ch3 but it’s been on my To Read list for months and it looks amazing!

TBE (The Boyfriend Experience) is a Viktuuri fanfic by @victorsporosya. It’s an AU where Yuuri is an escort and Viktor is a client. It’s a fantastic fic and if you look closely you can see me screaming and dying in the comments section from when I read it last week and suffered in the best way