In less than a week I will have finished uni forever (and we’ll know who killed JB lol what is more important hmm??).

And I honestly didn’t think I was gonna make it. Like, legit it was tough and I heavily considered dropping out at times. But I made it and after only two more exams that I’m not even worried about because I don’t have it left in me to care, I shall be done. And I’m super proud of myself  😊

(( I actually finished my themes for my blog and my muses page. I’m v excited. Tomorrow after I clean parts of the apartment I’m going to fix my verses page AND add some new verses! I’ll probably update the mun page too because that’s old. That’s on the agenda for tomorrow ^-^ ))

His fingers brush her shoulder softly.

Then they wander up her neck, 

and against her jaw.

“What are you doing? That tickles!” she protests.

“Just admiring you,” he replies. 

She can’t help but chuckle at the sappy response. “What do you want and how much does it cost?”

He just grins. “I can think of several things I would like, Swan. However, none of them involve money.”

“Oh really?” 

“Shall I show you what I have in mind?” 

She nods and then squeals in delight as he pins her beneath him.