random mysme headcanon:

it would be a good idea IF mystic messenger was played chronologically. like we’re not stuck on the same 11 days routine for each characters. it’s like, the story itself continues BUT if we finish a route, that character forgets about us. only then we can proceed. like a scene unfolds and we wake up and voila it’s another character’s route. LOLOL. for example, the first route we really need to get into to proceed further to the game is zen’s. then, sure, we need to proceed and follow the usual game progress but, instead of getting cut off and re-start again for another 11 days, we can unlock yoosung’s by collecting enough likability points from zen’s. imagine the angst of waking up when you’re in another character’s route and zen won’t remember anything about you and will act as if you’re his friend’s girlfriend like you two didn’t share anything at all over the past few days. he just … forgets you.

then the game will proceed with jaehee’s. and the game then assesses the points we collected before we can proceed to the deep route. like, we need to unlock few mysteries from clues we gained during the first 3 routes before we can proceed deeper. jumin’s route will hold mysteries regarding RFA more. i mean the deep route will hold more and more mysteries we need to patch together. and then the game assesses again the points we got before we are able to unlock seven. then the game lets us to solve the mystery by ourselves by patching up clues we got from the earlier routes. seven’s would be the last part we should enter and if successful, his route can unlock two more secret routes which are V’s and Saeran’s.

lolol, idk but this just popped inside my mind. meh. it’s just a random rambling. i just thought of it.

would anyone be interested in me writing a J2 AU where Jared is an emancipated teen who got kicked out of his house for being gay and is planning on flying out of Texas to LA in a few months to get away from all this crap and start fresh? the boys would be the same age (or I might even make Jared a year older?), and trying to figure out what to do with this deadline they have on their love?

if you’re interested in me writing this, either comment on this post or send me an inbox ask!!

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so i got a question.
the UT community likes to make this hateship between MTT and U.ndyne. Like, okay, I get she’d be a little weirded out by him just somehow being in her house and eating grapes on her piano, but uh, pardon me for being a little questionable but – 

don’t you think once Undyne found out who MTT was, not only was he famous ( idk if that mattered to her w/e ) but he was also her girlfriends best friend don’t you think she’d have a little more respect for him and know to treat him right and vice versa? 

I mean, you’d want your best friend and your s/o to be on good terms with each other, wouldn’t you? I don’t get why people make MTT seem like this bottlecap who can’t seem to get along with the rest of the cast aside from P.apy.rus, F.risk, A.lphys, & maybe Tor.iel. I can take a hateship or two but ?? I think ppl overdo MTT and do him and his relationships wrong in many ways. just a question tho, just thought I’d ask.

I was in Glasgow in July and while waiting for the bus at Kelvin bridge I found this plain silver ring with tiny stones in it, just sitting on the ledge of the bridge and I don’t fucking know why, but against all advice of @nopiewinston not to pick up strange rings that mysteriously fit you perfectly, I picked it up slipped it on and forgot about it. I still wear it and I swear it’s good luck, but one of these days I need to go back to that bridge, and return the ring. Just feels like the right thing to do.