You asked me today, ‘What are you?’
And wild flowers grew from my tongue, filling my mouth, as they bled their brilliant colours down my throat, before I could tell you that I am all the things I never meant to be.

(I am the sea, my dear, wicked in my calm. I will drown you and I will mourn you, for darling, I should have taught you to swim.

I am a thousand stories, built upon the ruins of a ten hundred stars. I am an artist of fire, my canvases covered in dust and ash. I am a temple, holy in my prayers.

I am a wolf, with lips painted red, waiting for the moon to howl again. I am the deadliest of beginnings, the brightest of ends)

I swallowed the dirt, and the stems, and all the pretty petals, and told you, long after you’d gone;

“I am poet, darling, and I will write myself the sun.’

—  They say if a poet loves you, you’ll never die, and if that’s true, darling, I’ll live forever (on loving all the things you never meant to be) | p.d

aka jercy

does anyone have any cute or funny show recommendations?

it can be cartoons/sitcoms/k-comedies/movies/anything other than anime, please ^^

sooo i’ve been wanting to change my url to something shorter so I’m gonna do some mini blog rates!! i’ll tag them as blogrates for blacklist

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let’s not forget the time bond looked a fellow agent in the eye and denied knowing him, because he’s balls deep in an undercover operation, and the next day he finds the dude strung up by his ankles, swinging outside in the frigid air. bond bloody well knows he’s signing the man’s death warrant and carries on regardless. 

or that time in casino royale when M tears him a new one for botching up the mission because he’s like “the world was better off with one less bomb maker” because they’re after the person/people/organization that HIRED him and not the thug himself. 

moral of the story: as agents, our characters are working to protect something larger than themselves. you can’t save everyone. you can’t rid the world of every criminal. that’s why you make your missions count. 

bonus: secret agents are not 500% free from the press. if you’re caught doing something stupid, like blowing up a foreign embassy, YOUR ASS CAN STILL BE CAUGHT ON CAMERA. & not only is this embarrassing, but it catches the public’s attention, which means your boss will be dragged in for a hearing and private citizens, not realizing the full extent of your mission, will probably WANT YOUR HEAD. on a spike. on the wall. M wasn’t kidding when she snapped that “in the old days, if an agent did something that embarrassing, he’d have the good sense to defect. i know the bond franchise is not the prime example of real-world espionage, but at least that bit’s believable. also, yeah, if your boss is the head of the SECRET SERVICE you can be damn sure if they want you killed, the “paperwork” will most likely be “lost” and you’ll never be seen/heard from again. 

p.s.: not everyone gets to log in with M’s username/password. not everyone will know M’s full name [other than gareth mallory.] not everyone gets to break in, or even FIND M’s flat/living quarters. just don’t.