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How've you been?! Do anything fun this week? Run errands, work, anything? Plan anything for the weekend? Just a lazy day? What's up? Can I just say that I absolutely lived that Dragon AU? Even though it's set in a world if shifters I definitely felt Peter's loneliness. I loved that last bit where May and Wade met. May, like refused to back down even though Wade was doing his damndest to be Mr. One Syllable, the dummy. TBC

This week has actually been really difficult for me, today is the one year anniversary of my grandma passing and it’s been rough.

  • Alec: I don’t really like people, but you’re okay, I guess.
  • Magnus: I’m your BOYFRIEND
  • James: "Hello, Uncle Brother Zachariah. I would say that I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm sure this is the most excitement you've had all year. Not so lively in the City of Bones, now is it?"
  • Will: "James! Don't talk to Jem like that."
  • Brother Zachariah: As if I am not used to badly behaved Herondales.
  • James: "I suppose the difference is that Father always cared what you thought about him, and I don't. But don't take it personally, Uncle Jem. I do not care what anybody thinks."