haikyuu headcanons bc im trash
  • Kageyama doesn’t know how to swim
  • Hinata 100% unironically believes in ghosts
  • Kageyama doesn’t know how read clocks
  • Tsukishima cant beat Kageyama at chess and it really pisses him off
  • Iwaizumi’s phone background is a picture of him and Oikawa together and Oikawa must not know
  • Nishinoya was one of those first-graders who got in trouble for biting other first-graders
  • Lev was bullied at school before he joined the volleyball team
  • Tsukishima has stretch marks from growing too fast
  • Seijou has a team-run instagram account dedicated solely to unflattering pictures of Oikawa
  • One time, Akaashi sprained his ankle, and Bokuto insisted on giving him piggyback rides from class to class until he was fully reinstated to practice 
  • whenever Nekoma has a team outing, they walk in a circular formation with Kenma in the center to keep him from accidentally wandering off
  • Bokuto gives the best hugs
  • Tsukishima and Akaashi snapchat each other regularly
  • Every single member of Aoba Josai has, at some point, given Oikawa Tooru a piggyback ride. 
  • Tanaka can always tell when Noya is throwing him a suprise birthday party, but he always acts suprised anyway
  • Kyoutani Kentarou double-knots his shoes like a loser
  • Iwaizumi once tricked Oikawa into eating mud when they were kids
  • Oikawa owns one of those “Santa’s Favorite Ho” Christmas sweaters

138 years ago on this day, the 25th of December, William Herondale proposed to Tessa Gray at the annual Enclave Christmas party and she said yes

Victor can be so annoying.

Yuuri loves him, and knows that Victor loves him back, and even - most days - is certain that’s not going to change. So he no longer feels guilty about thinking Victor is being annoying when it’s true. Victor is over-the-top about everything, an embarrassing drunk, not hugely clear on the concept of personal space, and if he is wearing a certain huge and heartless smile Yuuri always knows that the next thing he says is going to be petty, passive-aggressive, manipulative, or all three.

Of course Yuuri can never hang onto irritation at Victor for long, because Victor is also the best thing that has ever happened to him, is beautiful and fearless and generous and endlessly loving. Yuuri can count on one hand the times he’s actually been angry at Victor. The free skate at the Cup of China was the biggest one, and Yuuri wasn’t angry because Victor was annoying then. Victor was just wrong. That’s different.

But the whole thing starts because Victor is being annoying and Yuuri loses patience. He’s made Yuuri run through Eros six times already. The first three were actually because he had useful things to say. The next one was just to be irritating, and so he could watch. Yuuri didn’t mind that. He still loves - half-guiltily, half-triumphantly - the way Victor watches him when he skates like this.

The fifth run was Victor procrastinating going back to work on his own programs because he was enjoying watching Yuuri too much. The sixth was because Yuuri pointed that out and Victor was feeling contrary. When Victor opens his mouth - smiling hugely, and Yuuri’s not impressed - to demand it again for a seventh time, Yuuri folds his arms. He’s sweaty and he’s done it perfectly three times in a row and he loves Victor and he’s had enough.

“No,” he says.

“Yuuri,” whines Victor.

“If you like it so much then you skate it,” says Yuuri.

“I don’t want to,” says Victor. “I want you to do it.”

“No,” says Yuuri. “Your turn.” He skates over to Victor who is leaning on the barrier, takes his hands, and draws him out to centre ice. Victor pouts and pretends he’s trying to tug his hands away. He doesn’t try very hard. Yuuri’s irritation is already evaporating. In another moment they’re just going to be standing on their skates holding hands. Yuuri wouldn’t mind it at all.

But then Victor actually does pull his hands away, and pushes Yuuri away from him and begins, in the airy tone of voice which means he’s talking complete nonsense, “As your coach, I insist -”

No,” says Yuuri again, and he grabs Victor’s hands once more and pulls him - this time into the opening pose of Eros, pushing his hands down, then turning him around and nudging him so he shifts his weight onto his right hip. “I said you do it.”

“But I don’t want to, Yuuri,” sing-songs Victor, and he wriggles away from the pose and Yuuri’s hands, slippery and graceful as a fish in water. Yuuri’s breath catches in a laugh. Okay, it’s on.

It’s just as well no one else is here to see two elite skaters making idiots of themselves. Yuuri recaptures Victor quickly and drags him back into the pose; Victor just as quickly slips away again, a grin glimmering around the corners of his mouth, and then pauses just out of arm’s reach to smirk openly at Yuuri: well? Yuuri snorts and goes for him, and Victor races away. The game becomes a pure race for a moment, speed and nothing else, until Yuuri manages to catch Victor on an unexpected curve. Then they shove and grab at each other - mostly Victor shoving and Yuuri grabbing - and fall over twice, tripping over each other’s skates, laughing helplessly. 

At last Yuuri finally wrestles Victor back into position. The only way to do it is stand right behind him and hold him there. “Now,” he says, and is ready when Victor tries to lunge away. He tightens his grip and moves with him. Victor can’t escape. He’d probably have a better chance if he stopped giggling. Yuuri’s holding back laughter of his own. “Okay, now you’re going to skate it for me,” he says.

Friendly reminder that Magnus wears nose rings.

Friendly reminder that Magnus sometimes wears multiple earrings, which also means that he has multiple ear piercings.

Friendly reminder that Magnus smokes.

Friendly reminder that Magnus wears see-through mesh shirts.

Friendly reminder that Magnus once had a pink mohawk.

Friendly reminder that Magnus parties and gets drunk off his ass.

Friendly reminder that Magnus actually isn’t really helpful to people unless they’re in danger, or someone he cares about, or a friend of someone he cares about.

Friendly reminder that Magnus is still such a good person, and a bleeding heart, despite his cynicism and struggles through the years.

Friendly reminder that Magnus called Valentine Morgenstern an asshole.

Friendly reminder that Magnus flung Valentine Morgenstern into a wall.

Friendly reminder that Magnus, while being eccentric and a bit melodramatic, is actually pretty chill.

Friendly reminder that Magnus canonically has a very, very deep voice.

Friendly reminder that Magnus is literally the son of a Prince of Hell, and an extremely powerful warlock.

Friendly reminder that Magnus can teleport.

Friendly reminder that if it weren’t for Magnus, most of the problems in The Mortal Instruments wouldn’t have been solved.

Friendly reminder that Magnus once caused a llama stampede with his terrible music play.

Friendly reminder that Magnus, when he was younger and had less control of his magic, accidentally caused earthquakes.

Friendly reminder that Magnus has no problem with theft, or law-breaking.

Friendly reminder that Magnus himself is technically a thief.

Friendly reminder that Magnus probably, most likely, definitely smokes weed.

Friendly reminder that Magnus had Catarina wipe his memories of Camille because he couldn’t handle the pain and heartbreak they caused him.

Friendly reminder that Magnus once took notes of people’s requests for magic spells used for sex, and has definitely used those spells since then.

Friendly reminder that Magnus once basically saved the world by himself by closing an extremely dangerous, extremely open portal to Pandemonium, aka the demon city, aka in another dimension, aka a demon dimension.

Friendly reminder that Magnus can threaten somebody one second, and offer to help them with something trivial the next, all while completely sincere. 

Friendly reminder that Magnus that has a stash of comic books, and is likely a huge geek.

Friendly reminder that Magnus has a temper.

Friendly reminder that Magnus is canonically gorgeous, and incredibly sexy.

Friendly reminder that a lot of people are afraid of Magnus.

Friendly reminder that Magnus is so, so amazing and complex, and actually a real character that we get to love.


“So, let me get this straight. You are like Steve, but you are working for Hydra?”

“That’s correct.”

“And you want to kill Steve. How original. Ah, you’re wasting such good threesome material – YGHH!”

“Oh, I don’t want to only kill him for the sole pleasure of doing it. When I kill him, there will be no one to stop me. There will be no one to stand in my way to you. I will erase every trace of him from your life and make you mine.”

“Step away from my husband!! – The hell!”


“Tony, are you alright?! Did he hurt you?!”

“I am fine! Watch out for him!”

“Ah, isn’t this a sweet reunion.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“I am you. The version you always longed to become, but never had the courage.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Power. You long power. You are in shackles now. Following orders of corrupted people. You and I… We know how to heal this world. The star on your chest is an illusion. This the way for you to follow.”



“Join me, Captain. Lose the stars and stripes and take in your hands the real symbol that guarantees power and freedom.”

“Steve, don’t listen to him! Steve, don’t–!”

“Tony… I am sorry.”




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