Let's get ready for my countdown (TBBT)

Hello everyone ! (◕‿◕)

We had exciting news lately and the first table read was today !
Jim has posted a picture on IG with his script, Kunal has posted a promo picture of the entire cast, Kaley has posted about the stage where they taped the show and Mayim has posted about TBBT Monopoly game.

We are relieved after this week of “are they gonna sign their contract or not? when? will they canceled the next taping too?”
This is behind us right now !!!

We can smile, dance, cry of joy … and check for August 12th ! Because YES, the first episode will be taped that wonderful day !

Season 8 will the best season ever, I’m sure the writers will do the best to surprise us, to make us laugh, to make us cry, to entertain us … 

Let’s sing a song together, for this wonderful cast we all love !!!

❤ ♬ Jim, Mayim, Johnny, Kaley, Simon, Melissa & Kunal … ♬ ❤


Electromagnetism: Sheldon & Amy.

Jim and Mayim talk about Sheldon and Amy’s relationship in Season 6.

(Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/notyoda73)