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Shamy prom! 💙✨

The first giveaway drawing for @ajtheflagnovice, she received this drawing a week ago I guess.😅 Sorry, I couldn’t post it before. But anyway I post some sketches on Patreon almost every day, you can find the link on my bio and support me. I guess the idea for the first giveaway drawing was very sweet, I really love this scene and I tried to capture it in my style. Hope you like it! And thank you my friends for always being with me and for helping me to go through all difficulties.♡♡

Let’s have romance!

I had a beautiful idea in my mind but as always when I draw it it didn’t look like I imagined it would. 

Because as it turns out I can’t draw kissing people niether people in profile… But the idea was to show sad, disappointed and maybe a little envious of other people’s relationships Amy and happy Bernie with Howard who was talking about love and romantic stargazing. And then Amy and Sheldon had their own kind of the romance, their own stars and nothing else matters

Mayim’s fanartfriday!!!

I’m SO happy and honored to be this week’s fanartfriday on Mayim’s social accounts!! I just can say THANKS for all the love everybody sent me today. It’s mindblowing!

I couldn’t read all the comments, messages, emails and all I received, but I will try to reply soon! If you want TOMORROW I’M DOING AN INSTAGRAM LIVE, (trying to) sketch live while (I struggle) talking in english. I will be answering your questions too! Remember, tomorrow Saturday 4th - 18h GMT (LONDON time).

I’m reposting the final portrait, probably some of you didn’t see it before, and the screenshots of Mayim’s mentions. I normally don’t do that, but well, this is REALLY special for me!! I’m a big fan of TBBT and a proud grokite and Mayim’s fan. So, give me today the pleasure to fangirl a little about this. *shy*

THANKS for all the love. THANKS to Mayim for reposting not only my art today, also my friends @majimforever and @missshc other weeks. I’m looking forward to see more artists featured on Mayim’s account. And we will be doing more fanart for all of you, of course!
Talk tomorrow!! Love you all!!!! 😘💕💕💕

Okay, so you know Batman?” He asks.

“Vaguely… He wears all black and a cape right?” She says searching her mind.

“Yes!… And you know Joker?” He leads.

“Maybe…” She sighs sometimes she was not paying attention when he made her watch movies.

“So in the comics Joker has a partner in crime and her name is Harley Quinn,” He explains.

“Like a Harlequin… cute. Did you know the term Harlequin comes from Harlequinade?” Amy asks arching her eyebrow. He looks at her smugly, loving that she can toss back knowledge at him. Happy that he can toss it back at her.

“Did you know the Harlequin was routinely paired with the character Clown? The Clown the mischievous foil for the more sophisticated Harlequin,” He tosses back and she smiles at him like the cat who ate the canary.

“Didn’t you once tell me you are deathly afraid of clowns?” She teases.

“I did, as you know I am not to fond of clowns. However I will suspend my hatred of them for this character,” He smiles.

“How brave of you,” She comments dryly .“So you basically want us to be two clowns? My Aunt and Uncle used to dress as clowns for children’s birthday parties. They might still have their…” But Sheldon stops her exasperated.

“Not just any clowns! Harley Quinn and The Joker! Here let me show you,” He says pulling out a box of comics from under his bed and sifting through them. He pulls out a comic and holds it out to her. “That is Harley Quinn and Joker. We could also start watching Batman Beyond if you needed more inspiration,” Amy goes to sit on his bed beside him.

“Okay… I guess,” Amy says skeptically as she thumbs through the comic. “We could also be Blossom and Joey though. Did you ever watch Blossom?” She jokes knowing he won’t go for it.

“Amy I want to be these characters,” He tells her with a tone of finality. “Besides, I think you would look sexy in this costume,” He tells her looking over her shoulder at the book.

“You do huh?” She asks looking up at him and he kisses her mouth gently.

“Very much so,” He murmurs against her lips.

To be continued… 8/4/16

A big thanks to @rgbcn for her amazing drawing! 😘👏🏼👏🏼


Shamy’s first night as roommates.
All shy and everything… 😊💕
Comic strip by becauseimsunny via tumblr
Video made by me. 🙈

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TBBT fans! Where are you from?

Just wanna see from where you guys are! 

I’m from Switzerland

Anonymous requested:  Oh my! The Shamy coitus broke the Guiness record!? How often does this happen!? Could you write a fanfic about Sheldon trying to seduce Amy? You know, to celebrate this? Many thanks!

Note:  I jumped this one ahead.  I know I have several in line, but I wanted to write this.  It does have SPOILERS for episodes 10.4 and 10.5 in it, so only read if you are already spoiled or have seen the episodes.

Again, SPOILERS for TBBT 10.4 and 10.5

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reasons i love being in The Big Bang Theory fandom

- despite being a massive tv show, the fandom is quite small which i always consider an advantage

- i’ve only encountered 2/3 not so nice people in the fandom (which isn’t that many compared to other fandoms i’m in!)

- there are some seriously amazing fanfic writers and artists in this fandom, for real

- there is a masssssive age range. i’m 17 but i’ve spoken to people ranging from really young to much older which is so fabulous

- most people really respect others who don’t wish to see spoilers, almost everyone tags their spoilers and that is so considerate.

- we’re so tightly knit. i seriously think that i could write down 95% of people’s URLs that are in the Big Bang fandom because almost everyone follows everyone! if you’re not following me already, then do it and i will follow you right back because like i said, we’re tightly knit so i wanna know every one of you lovelies

hope y'all agree with me on this being a beautifully amazing/talented/kind fandom <3

(Sheldon’s) suffered a loss and found art that made that pain, and the joy that preceded it, understandable. He finds art that speaks to him on a deeper level. That’s a big moment for Sheldon. For so often, and for a chunk of this season in particular, Sheldon’s pop culture choices have always spoken to his general feeling of being an outsider. With everything that’s happened between him and Amy, he’s no longer so closed off. Now he’s felt love and loss and found those feelings reflected in a pop song.
—  Kyle Fowle, AV Club