So we’re trying to figure this one out aka WHAT JUST HAPPENED aka Did we just step into an episode of The Walking Dead?

We visited the City College of Los Angeles today for some Community sceneframes. A sunny day, silent campus, not many people around. 

All of a sudden we see this zombie guy walking around. We think “ok maybe there’s some filming going on or a costume party or whatever.” We keep walking, go around the building but see nothing. No filming crew, no party, nothing special. 

We bump into him again. I ask “can I take a photo?” and without saying a word, he starts dragging his feet, growling, reaching for me and I’m snapping photos on my knees although every instinct tells me to run. 

When I get back on my feet, he chuckles and walks away.

Awesome. And all sorts of terrifying.



We have a few more photos of him (and some other cast members) that don’t have our dorkyhappy faces on them. Will post them soon with a proper (100% non-spoilery) set report!

Atlanta, you’ve been awesome. The Walking Dead cast & crew and all of the security, you’re phenomenal. Thank you for being so lovely to your fans. 

Here’s a quote-y report from the set of The Walking Dead, where we spent all day today:

“You the folks from Finland? Were you here on Friday? Yeah, I heard about you.” -police officer #1 (who then gave Tiia a legit NYPD canvas badge just because.)
“Do you do Youtube videos or something? Your faces are familiar.” -fan from Alabama
“I have some questions about Finland.” -police officer #2
“Where are the Finnish fans? I have something for you. These are actual bullets used on the set.. just don’t tell anyone they’re from me.” -crew dude #1
“Which ones of you are the ones from Finland? Ok, I had to come and tell you this so you’ll know. Sometimes they come out to greet the fans, sometimes they don’t. I just wanted you to know. [Lots of explanations and sort-of-apologies.] -crew dude #3
"You’ll be our lucky charms today, Finns.” -another fan
“You ARE awesome.” -crew dude #4 (after seeing our sign)
“FINLAND?!??! WOW.” -several crew members

And after 9 hours of waiting in the scorching heat (again), sitting on hot asphalt with just breakfast in our tummies and no toilets to use whatsoever:

*drives by and waves* -Andrew Lincoln

So, we’re guessing Finland is pretty exotic to the Georgia folks. Amazing! But no pictures with Andrew or Norman yet. Our last chance of meeting them will be tomorrow. We already met Steven Yeun on Friday (wow!!!), which is a whole different story and more rainy one than this one..

Now, all fingers and toes crossed for a chance to say hello & a humble thanks to Normsky & Andy.. we’ve deserved it. We’ve been patient and respectful :)