The late professor was known for his idiosyncrasies but the design team wasn’t expecting their latest bomb disposal drone to have a programmed love of music 

Also I’m not dead, just working on videogame assets which has taken up a good chunk of my time. 

For those interested, you can check out the game and our progress here https://shmoopdev.tumblr.com/. There should be a playable WIP demo of the first level too, so stay tuned!

Pictured above, Ms. Priapal Secundus Florain, sole inheritor to the Florain Dynasty 

While fashion trends are wide and varied across the Habitats, masks and re-breathers will always be essential when outside the cities. A common trend with the cultured elite is to carry ones re-breather in the form of a handbag or purse to compliment or contrast an outfit. 

The coloured lenses of the mask aid in reducing the harmful effect of Gethsemane’s solar radiation while also including a personal radar and data suite display.