so FAKE TYPE.’s song  跳者 (the second snippet here) is pretty much an A+ mix of hip-hop and electronic swing- and for a month I’ve had a silly MV idea in my head involving these kids from my webcomic. so i did a design mashup of 20s fashion and modern day street clothes!! i’ll see if i can actually go through with it~!

Sigma, a character from my webcomic! He appeared in the most recent update. He works for the government’s special ops dedicated to demon eradication. Because demons manipulate emotion to defeat humans, he was trained to not feel any, and thus, whenever an emotion is triggered, a painful neurotoxin is released through out his body.


Some doodles from the weekend. First we’ve got the infamous game grumpus. then lots of tbafs doodles! ringo & friends @ the pawnshop, some face scribs and a new guy you’ll see in the next chapter as well~ I visually based him off of someone I admire a lot. is it a mystery? who could say…

Chapter 1 of my webcomic, The Bad Apple Fighting Society, is complete!

After coming back from a very long hiatus, I’ve returned to finish the first chapter of my comic and fully dedicate my time to it. In fact, I’m starting up a Patreon so that I can try to work on it even more! But we’ll save that for another time.

TBAFS is, simply put, the story of hackers vs. demons. Now that we’ve gotten through the intro, things are about to get exciting! Read my comic on Deviantart, Tapastic, or Smackjeeves!

And sincerely. Thank you all for the support you’ve given me.