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captainsuhura  asked:

I just realised... is Caleb talking about MacBeth in ep2 foreshadowing?

I wish I could claim 100% yes on this and say that I’ve been planning this for two years, but that wouldn’t be quite true. 

There definitely is foreshadowing in Ep 2 about Caleb’s relationship to his ability and to anger specifically. The way he talks about fate vs. free will is very much a metaphor in his brain for his ability vs. his free will. 

I knew from the beginning that Caleb was going to get into another physical fight. I knew by the end of Season 1 that is was going to be with Damien. This whole encounter - Caleb attacking Damien in order to protect Adam - was initially going to be the end of Season Two. And it was initially going to end MUCH differently than it does now. But the groundwork that’s been laid since Caleb was introduced was definitely partly leading up to this. 


    Archie took this when we were out picking a Christmas tree. I didn’t see that he posted it on FB until now.. I’m currently at work and it’s surprisingly.. slow. It’s nice to sit and chill but, I’m really running out of things to do. If anyone wants to swing by, please do! (and bring me some food, I beg you!!) The shop is called Twig&Willow and it’s at the 2nd street promenade! ;)
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