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Some more great Belle under-acting moments

Watching anthropomorphic household items perform a gravity-defying choreographed dance and produce food the likes of which she’s probably never seen:


Drinking tea out of a magical talking teacup:


Gaining access to what might be the most impressive private library in the country:

“This is slightly cooler than my expectations, nice”

Finding out magical teleportation books exist:


naomidoesnothing  asked:

I just really freaking wish you guys could go more viral. Like yes I love this little family that we have here but I just wish there were more people so I could talk and see more writing and art and uggghhhh. Its unfaaaaiiirrr

It’s so crazy though…it feels SO BIG to me. It’s mind boggling to be a small part of something that actually affects people (no matter how many). The message, the posts, fanart, fan-fiction, questions, reviews, meet-ups…all of it…is overwhelming. 

So, I met a listener months ago, and this listener expressed to me how much Caleb’s story had given them the courage to accept themselves and come out to their friends and family…and how great their life has been since. That to me is EVERYTHING. If a story I play a part in telling inspires, challenges and/or comforts just one person…it’d all be worth it. And I’m not saying that just to say it…I really fucking mean it. Plus…I’m a fan of you guys and the stuff you all do. I mean, I found myself yesterday sitting for an hour watching @thefigureinthecorner do his art on a live-stream making some bonkers cool TBS fanart. Stuff like that is inspiring…and it feeds back into what we do for you guys.

And look, of course I’d love for more people to find TBS. I think what @thelaurenshippen has done is bananas; she is a master of the universe as far as I’m concerned. Seriously…my life plan is to just hold on as tight as I can to her coat-tails…because those are some fancy coat-tails she’s got there.

I’ve got a feeling, TV or otherwise…The Bright Sessions is going to keep growing. And even if it’s just you and me talking about it…that’s okay too…because we know there’s something special here :) - Briggon


floam! ⭐️

anonymous asked:

when your "straight" friend starts hitting on you


Louise squeezing Zoe’s boobs (x)
Tanya squeezing Zoe’s bum (x)

fun game:  thoroughbred race horse name or pokemon attack
  1. Miracle Eye
  2. Courageous Comet
  3. Light of Ruin 
  4. Ace Archer
  5. Sheer Cold 
  6. Diamond Storm
  7. Appealing Beat
  8. Balance Rock
  9. Copycat
  10. Dragon Fire
  11. Sand Cloud
  12. Wild Cry
  13. Rain Dance 
  14. Wind Knot
  15. Extreme Speed
  16. Heart Stamp
  17. Rock Wrecker
  18. After You 
  19. Zap Cannon
  20. Cheery Spirit 
  21. Brave Bird

answers: 1. attack 2. horse 3. attack 4. horse 5. attack 6. both 7. horse 8. horse 9. attack 10. horse 11. horse 12. horse 13. both 14. horse 15. both 16. attack 176 attack 18. both 19. attack 20. horse 21. both