Nazgul and her sister Nura are about seven months old here. They were playing with a bowl, and rather pointedly keeping it away from Linnaeus, who was about six months old. Eventually they tired of the bowl and Linnaeus got it.

Nura lives in Scotland. At that time the dog could not enter the country until six months after a positive rabies titer. (IIRC we did the titer two weeks after vaccination.) I raised her here with Nazgul until she was ready to ship overseas. 

This is the only graceful photo I have of Spooky. Mostly he moves like a dork.

Spooky had a back injury some years ago that left him about 90% functional. If he stands still for very long his rear will start to sag quite a bit, and he has some sphincter problems that result in occasional urine leakage when he’s really excited, and he doesn’t always know when he needs to poop. That’s okay, it’s not his fault, and rarely happens in the house. He still does a ton of running and playing. (He moved like a dork before the injury.)

Spooky is not white, he is an extreme particolor with very light cream spots. He has some cream ticking on his back, and when he’s wet you can see the dark skin corresponding to the spots on his head. He had a little tuft of dark hair on his back for a while, so I don’t know if he’s actually sable or e/e recessive red with a somatic mutation. Doesn’t really matter. 

Spooky and his sister Cida will be ten years old in September.

A Dood and his NiNi.

Nini is not very playful for about three weeks after a heat cycle. She gets nesty and wants to dig wallows in the dirt to sleep in. Dood finds this quite frustrating, because in his world the reason for NiNis existence is to play with him. He will bother her until she’s had enough and makes him squeak.

Dood is our youngest, he is still ‘the puppy’, and I’ve not been able to convince Brett that he does not need breakfast any more.


Lolly and Gir went to the vet today. 

Lolly started having a little trouble pooping, straining, and seemed uncomfortable a couple of days ago. He’s almost nine, so I figured he probably had some prostate issues. He has a prostate infection and so we chopped his balls off. He’ll be on antibiotics for a bit. His heart sounded fine.

Gir has developed an intermittent cough. His sire and two of his siblings died of lung cancer, so this was worrying. The radiograph showed some scar tissue in his trachea, but no problems with his lungs. Heart is fine. He coughs when he’s barking or otherwise making noise. He’s on a run of antibiotics to see if the cough will clear up. Gir is twelve years old. (His mother, Zuulie, died recently at fourteen.)

(Our vet practice is a father and son. I think they must see a lot of upper middle aged dogs [i don’t think nine is OLD] that have arthritis, because they always remark on the lack of degeneration when we have an older dog radiographed. Our dogs don’t have arthritis at nine, because they AREN’T FAT.)

Our vet bought an ultrasound machine a while back and has been undergoing training for various body systems. Next week they are being trained to do hearts (this is in conjunction with a service where the ultrasound is transmitted electronically for evaluation by a specialist. We used the service last year when Markus was diagnosed with tumors on his heart and spleen.) Since we are interested in hearts, our vet asked if we had a medium sized dog we’d like to volunteer for the training session, (they already had big dogs and little dogs owned by the practice employees, unfortunately. Really, I could just bring a truckload of dogs in, lots and lots of practice.) So we will take Nazgul in next week for a free cardiac ultrasound. I am hoping to breed her on her next heat (due around December,) nice timing.