The Adventure Zone: The Stolen Century

Seven explorers lost their home to the same force that threatens us now. Their impossible trajectory carried them between wild, desolate, beautiful, deadly worlds, where they faced terrible hardships, and experienced immeasurable joy. They lived, and died, and loved, and, in the end, forgot. It’s time to remember. It’s time to go back to where our story truly started. Because only then can we prepare for how it ends.


Drawing this animatic cleared my skin and cured my depression


taz challenge - [1/6 npcs] 
lucretia - my whole life, i dedicated myself to the study and the service of other people’s discoveries, of other people’s adventures. i was a supporter. but one day I made the decision to stop championing other people’s heroism and to take the direction of my life into my own hands. and i lost dear, dear friends because of that decision, but it was the only one to make. so, i admire your faith, merle, i do, but i think i’m done waiting on anyone to fix my problems for me.