me abt kravitz: I want to see my little boy :D

Griffin, showing off a drowning kravitz for like a Second: here he comes :)

me but getting increasingly more worried: i want to sEE MY LITTLE B O Y

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is lups partner in torch it up for the swap greg grimmaldis?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my go d……………..holy shit thats amazing. no, in this au its only the members of ipre that are swapped and noone else, tho somtimes i draw other swaps bc its rly fun??? but jesus thats a good one. can u imagine taako at the press conference yellin SAZED YOU OWE ME FIFT

Trying to like visualize a single image for some of these charas is hard. Like Avi and Johann, I have a lot of ideas for them. Merle is one I also can’t like pin point any distinct single design… I can’t even imagine davenport… but I’ll work on it!! >:o

Luster [Part 9]

 Said I’d get it done this afternoon, actually got it done late at night. BUT IT’S DONE.

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Something about the island changes and without ever catching sight of the dragon, Davenport tells them Roswyth has returned. That dirty back-ally fuck hitched a ride on the Bureau’s base, and then took off with its Director for home.

Lucretia is gone and Kravitz has been riding Lup’s ass about her stressing over it. She’s stressed, she’s under stressed, congratu-fucking-lations, Boneman! She’s stressed!

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Griffin: All of you hold hands as both the flame and the purple worm burst through the bubble, the force field ultimately giving up the ghost. The room is flooded with fire, and you are destroyed by a blast of nearly supersonic force and the last thing you hear is a scream of unbridled fury. And you do not live long enough to hear the twelfth chime of the clock above you.