Taako: I put it in my most special pocket, my armpit pocket 

Carey: I’ve had some of taako’s pocket pudding, yeah

how many pockets does this elf have, exactly? because if we’re counting canon pockets, he’s got at least four, right off the bat: two in the armpit and two wherever the hell he puts his pudding (i say two for each because of symmetry).

but also, for taako to have a “most special” pocket, he’s got to have more than four, yeah? if he has an “armpit” pocket, that also implies he has *a lot* of pockets. because he’s got pockets in unconventional places. for one to have an armpit pocket, he’s probably wearing like. real loose fitting clothing. 

when he’s emptying out his pockets after the episode 50 date, justin kind of acts like he’s pulling them out of every crevice in taako’s outfit, not just a backpack or purse he’s got (which has other implications, such as: this disaster went on a date in full wizard’s garb and equipment)  

basically, what i’m getting at, is that taako is a wizard made out of pockets, and he’s probably swimming in his fucking robes (no matter what size you headcanon him to be). i also don’t imagine taako “armpit pocket” adventurezone has a purse or a backpack either, just because he’s already got all these damn pockets. he’s a menace and we should all embrace this.

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It was a running bit during the stolen century that Taako is Mildly Psychic, it's just that his intuition is A Little Too Good sometimes. It's mostly stuff like "huh. That chandelier is so precarious, I dunno how that shits stayin' up." And then it crashes to bits within the hour. Observations that prove Boding in hindsight. Its all coincidence, but there have been enough occurrences close enough together for Magnus and Lup to, at least once, lock eyes in Concern and wonder if it was still Jokez

This is a good and cool headcanon, anon.

pumpkin spice taako!

[image id:a chest-up drawing of taako from the adventure zone. He has brown skin, long and curly brown hair, and big ears. He is looking to the left with his face in profile and his eyes closed, and holding up a skull mirroring this position. Taako is dressed in a fancy jacket in shades of orange and yellow with light blue accents and jewelry, and is wearing a matching wizard hat. The background is blue. end id]

aw dunk


[ID: a lineless drawing of taako, a fat elf with dark skin and shoulder length spiky black hair with a neon blue ombre on the ends. he has neon blue freckles, and he’s wearing a white t-shirt, a mustard yellow skirt tied at one side, knee high socks with dark stripes at the top, and yellow high heels. he’s also wearing a black hat with a dark purple ribbon and he has a tail with a tuft of hair at the end that’s black and neon blue ombre as well. he’s standing with his legs apart doing finger guns]

Taako: Okay, so break into groups and quiz each other.
Angus: Mr. Taaco, is that really the best use of our time? Seems like the value of having you here is -
Taako: I think my value as a teacher is to teach you how to learn.
Angus: I think you’re telling us we should teach ourselves.
Taako: I don’t think you’re gonna learn if I tell you how to think.
Angus: I think if you tell us what you think, then we’ll learn that.
Taako: I thought you should break into groups, but you failed to learn that, so your theory’s invalid.