can you believe davenchurch actually canonically happened


[image description: two drawings. The first is of two enormous skulls with glowing red eyes, shrouded in red hoods. The small silhouette of Angus stands facing them as they say, “Who dares enter -” Second drawing is of the same skeletal red-robed figures, but they’re much smaller and the outline of Barry and Lup’s smiling faces are overlaid on top of the skulls. Lup says, “Oh, hey kid.” Barry says, “Hey, Ango.” Angus says, “Hiya. Can I study here?” and Barry says, “Sure thing!”]

@blupjeansweek Day 2: Family

“aunt lup?”
“what’s up, shortstack?”
“who the hell were you guys expecting?”


So this was a really personal project for me, after listening to TAZ i wanted to do something to show my love and appreciation for it, as well as get the chance to say goodbye to all the characters again. Hopefully that comes across (wow this is truly the dorkiest thing I’ve ever done)

Anyway feel free to ask why i picked which character for each Tarot card (trust me i thought way to far into it) and please listen to taz if you haven’t already!


SOOOOO TAZ Amnesty is Amazing already and I am so so so excited to see where our boys go with it!!! As much as I loved Clint’s DMing style, I forgot how much I loved Griffin’s good good word pictures :’^) His descriptions of scenes and scenarios are so cinematic, which gave me the idea to draw some ‘fake screenshots’ of sorts from Taz: Amnesty: The Animated Show!


[Image description from @magnus-mcelroy: A panel comic of Barry Bluejeans, Lup Taaco and Taako Taaco from “The Adventure Zone: Balance.” In the first panel, Barry, a young man sitting in a classroom, is at his desk, trying to write a letter, the crumpled drafts at the side. In the panel beside it, he holds the finished letter in his hands, in an envelope with a small, red heart sealing it.

In the next panel, Taako and Lup, Elvin twins, are seen from behind, walking towards their desks. On Lup’s desk lays Barry’s letter. Barry is sitting at the desk behind, his hands covering his face. In the panel beside it, Lup is now sitting at her desk, reading the letter. Barry is still hiding his face.

In the next panel, we see the letter. It reads “Hey Lup, You’re my best friend and the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I have to be honest with you: I’m kinda head over heels for you. I have been since like 6th grade when you stared me down (Lup’s thumb obstructs some text) poured your mac” and ends there. The panel besides shows a closeup of Lup’s face, looking surprised and blushing.

The following panel shows Lup writing something at the top corner of the note and in the panel beside it, she tosses the closed envelope back to Barry.

In the last panel, Barry has caught the note and sees the response, a little “Dope” written in cursive with a small drawing of a cat face with sunglasses beside it. He smiles and blushes, a cluster of hearts surrounding him in the background. End description.]

@blupjeansweek Day 5: High School AU

they’re officially a Thing now