my ideal taz/cr crossover is that it comes completely out of left field like the table is set as normal for the livestream and then half an hour in something goes horribly wrong and matt asks the guests to introduce themselves and the camera zooms out to show a plastic folding table at which sits all four mcelroys and they whip out the four worst character concepts imaginable and ask matt to explain the basic rules of d&d bc none of them actually know how to play

TAZ Arcs as John Mulaney Quotes
  • Here There Be Gerblins: This might as well happen. Adult life is already so God damn weird.
  • Murder on the Rockport Limited: "I’ll tell you what we’ll do! We’ll draw chalk around the body is. That way we’ll know where it was…”
  • Petals to the Metal: "I hear you honking and I also don’t want me to be doing what I’m doing. I don’t like that I’m in that lane either, and I sure would like to get out of it!"
  • The Crystal Kingdom: "Is it an “E” or is it a “3”? That’s up to ye. The passwords of past you’ve correctly guessed, but now it’s time for the robot test!"
  • The Eleventh Hour: “All right, well, what do they do with the time machine?” “Well, now I’m embarrassed to say."
  • The Suffering Game: And I go: “Why are you doing this to me?” and they go: “Because we’re Delta Airlines and life is a fucking nightmare!”
  • The Stolen Century: "All right, there’s a Norwegian Cruise Line leaving for Martinique. Here’s my plan: you and me get very dressed up, including hats, and then we wave handkerchiefs at it until it disappears over the horizon."
  • Story and Song: You’re a 22-year-old temp, and you’re so hungover, and you just wanna die every day. And then that happens in front of you, and I don’t know, gives you hope?

And she felt your pain in Wonderland, and she seethed in that black curtained place, and we can see her there now. She’s just anxiously pacing, tearing at the walls, trying to find some way to break out, to save you from this torment. But still, she can’t find any relief. And then she hears a fight outside, and moments later, she has company. The lich Edward drops into the chamber and scrambles to his knees. And he says:

Edward: Who— who are you? What is this place?

And Lup says

Lup: Are you the one who’s been hurting my brother out there?

Edward: Am I—where are we?

And Lup grits her teeth and says

Lup: I’m gonna fucking kill you now. 

(The Adventure Zone, Ep.67: Story and Song- Part 1)

One of the Most Badass Moment ™ of the whole podcast.