She found singing, and I knew from very early on that that was her direction. She was never going to quit; that was her thing, that was her life….and I was always a little bit, you know, doing this, doing that. Something I learned myself, and learned through watching her, is respect. You just respect everyone’s time, everyone that you’re working with. They’re all there, it’s their lives, and you need to put in the work to be worth that.
—  Austin Swift talking about Taylor’s influence on him and his career to Vanity Fair

austinkingsleyswift: Can’t believe you’ve been riding ponies, making music, playing with cats, and telling stories for almost three decades now. You’ve always been there for your family and friends no matter what and you’re always finding unique and beautiful ways to show us how much you care. Happy 27th birthday to @taylorswift, the best sister anyone could wish for (x)

I rant about Jaylor standing for Joe and Taylor because of a logical thing

This fucking Bieber fans started using Jaylor at like the 2011 AMA’s and no I mean this name is still used for Taylor and Joe’s relationship.

So why is it a logical thing? ‘CAUSE JOE AND TAYLOR DID DATE. That’s why you shouldn’t use this name. Plus Justin and Taylor will never date. So Jaylor started existing since late-2007 when Joe and Taylor met at the AMA’s. So it’s like obvious it stands for Joe and Taylor. It’s been like that since I’m 10 years old (I’m 15), so just find another name. Stop stealing it. Just be creative. Baylor or Sustin or Juylior or Taystin. Its not that hard just use that little tiny mind you have and create a name so you can avoid us insulting you. We existed first we win. So just stay away from our tag.

Hey all,

About a year and seven months ago I met a girl at a rock painting.

One year ago, today, I finally asked her to be my girlfriend via my ukulele.

This past year has been absolutely amazing, and it’s all thanks to her. I’ve never felt or cared so much for a single person in my entire life, and I cannot wait for the years to come.

I know I just saw you ten minutes ago, Lady, but happy one year. You da best.

Taystin is my otp.