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Hey :) thank gosh for another Taylor Fan who's not just directly like "omg that song is so good" I was scrolling throug tumblr all day and everyone is loving the song and praising it and I'm just sitting here like wait what? The lyrics sound so "childish" to me like even stuff on Tayor Swift was more grown up like this... I freaking love this woman but what do others hear what we don't?

honestly there are songs in speak now that are considered to be ‘the worst’ in the album and still they r better than this shit lol i’m truly scared i won’t like this album cause i like every single album she’s put out i just cant imagine how i’ll live if i don’t like it. i haven’t liked 2 out the 3 songs she’s released so far and this has never happened to me with taylor. i even liked welcome to new york when she released it as a promo song. i truly did. rfi and gorgeous are just weak, so weak and generic…I’M SCARED FOR MY LIFE

Um…I love what Taylor Swift is doing. You know, just handling her business and having a business mindset and her fans really love her. You know, she caters to them like they’re family. They aren’t fans, they’re family and that’s what I basically try to do as well. But you know Taylor Swift, I love what Kendrick Lamar is doing, I love what Adele is doing-big fan of her.
—  Flo Rida on Taylor Swift when asked: as a music fan, who do you think is doing something really important in music right now? Flo Rida: Live in Austin Revolt special aired on July 4th