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Teardrops on my Guitar

I’M SO GLAD YOU SENT ME THIS ONE teardrops on my guitar was the first song by taylor i ever heard and i was SO LITTLE and so cute and so dumb because for the longest time i for some reason thought the lyrics were “he’s the reason for the teardops in martha’s eyes” like……who’s martha???? how did i hear that???? nobody knows. but yeah so that’s when i fell in love with taylor and that’s when i became the mess that i am nice and one time my sister walked in on me singing it to my stuffed animals rip

send me tayor songs and i’ll tell you what they remind me of!

That Tayor Swift video if you’ve seen it, it’s worthy of a film
—  The View - when talking about taylors nomination for MTV Video of the Year and Nicki Minaj agrument

What really annoys me is that people are ignoring Nicki Minaj’s point. She isn’t saying that her naked ass should have one the award she’s trying to address key issues with racism in the music industry. She’s just trying to get her point across and the majority of people only see an overdramatic diva when in fact she has supported many social issues and is one of the most humble female celebrities I know. It’s sad her accurate views are dismissed because she’s better off “twerking with no clothes”.

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I gained so much respect for Taylor caniff after him video about Megan Campbell. And when he fucking said that to Tyler I was like damn.

I just watched full video. First, I want to say sorry to Taylor Caniff for not always believing in him and for thinking that all he does is for attention, not all is. I didn’t know how much Megan actually touched him and his life, but now I understand and I respect it.
The message he sent to Oakley, wins all my respect, everything. He is the biggest bully, and he is still the icon of LGBT for YouTube. I am sorry, but people who can’t forgive and accept that people change, how can you even stand up for LGBT community? As a part of LGBT community, I just want to say that, not all of us are stuck up, we can forgive, move forward and accept people who educated themselves and are sorry for what they have done. I was raised in homophobic family and at some point I thought like them, I didn’t know better, and look at me now. Past doesn’t define you.

tbh even if nicki’s tweet was meant to be directed at tayor, can you really blame her? taylor is treated as if she’s a perfect innocent angel by the media while nicki is constantly villified. and taylor, with all of her influence, has never once tried to extend her feminism outside of white feminism, and she’s friends with lena dunham who we all know is racist af. so you know what, i don’t blame nicki for getting frustrated that taylor is getting award upon award while nicki is left in the dust.

Love is a complicated, simple concept.

Taylor Swift (Gillette Stadium, 7/24/15

This quote spoke to me. I replayed it a dozen times in my mind, and it is so true. That single quote, it helped me through something I was dealing with prior to her show. U r amazing Taylor!