…Ready For It mv

I have theories about what parts of this video could be

-i feel as tho the first Taylor we see in the hood is there to represent the media

-the one in the body suit is obviously Taylor her self

-when bodysuit Taylor sees hooded Taylor she gets up and puts on the armor suit and this is her standing up to the media cause it seems hood tayloy is moking sutied taylor

-also when she says “jailer” it flashes from hooded taylor to body suit taylor and bodysuit taylor is agressive when saying this bevause maybe she feels imprisoned by the media and what they say about her

-im not sure on the horse but it could be to show that they put taylor on a high horse not sure

-and then when taylors floating with the blue orbs its looks like shes kinda happy and can see a way out of this persona the media gives her and the orbs are the good things in her life

-the media (hooded taylor) then sees that she looks to be better and that dont have a way to hurt her so to say and they knock her down again

-but she rises backup and taylor throwing the pightening is her showing she is fughting back and then they walk towards eachother and touch the screen between them

-Taylor destroyi hooded taylor is her showing shes done with what they say and she finally free and no longer under her controll

-Taylors finally scene were we see her face she sheads one tear to show shes still human not a mechian people can program to work they way they want

-there are obviously the graffiti the 89 and 91 for her and Joes birth years, the number 13, the words “this is enough”, possibly also “i love you in secret”, the heart with the crown to maybe show shes in a good and happy relationship, you are gorgeous obviously her other single,, there are they year of the snake, joseph, love, forever and eddy in chinese symbols and they are burning all the witches and much more it seems to help guide us and give us clues about the albums and her life.

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