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disney--girl  asked:

what about a percabeth based on the music video of that taylour swift song, you belong to me?

Love the music video for this song, btw.

  • Annabeth was doing homework, well finishing it. She looked up and she could see her neighbor, Percy Jackson, on the phone, pacing in his room. 
  • He was moving his hand down in frustration, something that she’s seen lately. He must have been on the phone with his girlfriend, Reyna. They’ve been fighting for a while.
  • She watched as his pacing slowed and hang up. She grabbed her sketch pad, knowing that he wanted to talk about it.
  • Percy looked through the window to see her writing on her pad. 
  • She lifted up the pad. It read: “You ok?” 
  • Percy smiled a tiny bit before he looked around his room and found his sketch, the one she bought him years ago when they were kids. 
  • They’ve been friends for so long but at the end of middle school into high school, things changed. Percy was the first ever eighth grader to make the JV football team. Then freshman year, he made the varsity team, making him instantly popular. And Annabeth, well she was mostly forgotten since she was the quiet nerd that no one seemed to notice, except Percy when they were at home. 
  • Percy sat on his bed and wrote, “Tired of drama.” before showing it to her. 
  • Annabeth flipped the page and wrote one word, “Sorry” with a frowny face on it. 
  • Percy shrugged, thinking that she wouldn’t understand. How could she? She wasn’t popular. She’s just Annabeth from next door, his best friend. 
  • Annabeth looked down at her pad and flipped the page.
  • Percy heard his mom call him for dinner. He got up and closed the blinds before he went downstairs to join her.
  • This is is. You can tell him how you feel. Annabeth thought as she started to write. He’s tired of drama and your feelings for him has built up for years and you can take him way from the drama.
  • She looked up and saw his blinds were closed. It was like an automatic response, but her arms held up the pad with “I love you”  
  • She sighed and put the pad down. She fell back on the bed. Why?
  • She got up to turn on her music. She needed to get this out of her mind. She let her favorite song play. 
  • But she couldn’t help it, she started to dance and sing into her hair brush like a stupid middle school girl. 
  • Percy came back up after having a couple slices of pizza with his mom and her boyfriend, Paul. He felt a little better after getting some food in him. 
  • He decided to see if Annabeth wanted to keep talking. He peeked through the blinds and he could see her dancing and singing around the room. 
  • Her moves weren’t like the ones he could see at the parties. They were old school dorky movies that he loved.
  • He chuckled before walking away, allowing her to get some privacy. 
  • When the song was over, Annabeth fell on the bed, tired but smiling like crazy.


  • It was a beautiful fall Saturday and Annabeth decided to sit outside and read the Great Gatsby on the bench in front of her house.
  • She heard a door open and then close. She looked up and saw Percy walking over to her. 
  • He was wearing a green tshirt and jeans. His normal outfit of choice.
  • Annabeth smiled. “Hey.”
  • “Hey.” Percy smiled. 
  • “Feeling better?” She asked.
  • “Yeah, a bit.” He replied. “Whatcha reading?”
  • “The Great Gatsby. The book we’re suppose to be reading for class.” 
  • He ran his fingers through his hair. “Shit…can you speed me up on what’s going on?”
  • “Percy, it’s an easy read. You might like it.” She smiled.
  • He sighed. “I always feel like I’m always behind in homework. Reyna’s always planning stuff for us.” 
  • “Then why do you keep agreeing? School should be your first priority. You can get kicked off the team if your grades drop.” Annabeth told him.
  • “I try to tell her, but I rather not get into a fight.” He sighed.
  • Annabeth swallowed a lump in her throat. “Maybe you can come over later and I’ll help you out.”
  • Percy smiled a bit. “That would be great.” 
  • A red convertible drove right up to them and Annabeth could feel Reyna throwing daggers at her. 
  • Percy smiled a tiny bit. “See you later.” He got up and went to the car.
  • When he got into the car, Reyna pulled him close and started to make out with him in front of Annabeth.
  • Annabeth got the message. Back off. He’s mine.


  • Percy blew off their meeting to do homework, but she couldn’t blame him. If Reyna found out that they were hanging out, she would end her.
  • At the moment, she was at the football game, cheering him on. She sat in the way back of the stands so Reyna, who was captain of the cheer leading team, wouldn’t notice her.
  • There was only a minute left on the clock and they were down by three.
  • She watched as Percy snapped the ball back to his friend, Jason. 
  • He took off after that, and headed towards the end zone. Jason saw him open and threw the ball right to him. 
  • Percy caught it and ran into the end zone, scoring a touch down. 
  • Everyone in the stands went crazy as his teammates crowded around him. 
  • Percy took off his helmet and cheered with everyone else. He did it. He helped the team win the homecoming football game. 
  • He went over to Reyna to celebrate but she was clearly flirting with his friend, Leo. 
  • She saw him and dismissed Leo with a wave of her hand. 
  • “What the hell Reyna?” Percy asked.
  • Reyna smiled her sly smile that she put on when she was trying to prove what she just did wasn’t wrong. “I didn’t do anything.”
  • “I saw you flirting with Leo!”
  • “I was not. You’re going crazy, Percy.”
  • Percy glared at her. “You know what, I’m done. We’re done.”
  • “You’re breaking up with me?!”
  • Percy nodded. “Yeah, we’re through Reyna.”  He walked away towards the rest of the team cheering.
  • Up in the stands, Annabeth saw the whole thing. Percy Jackson was single for the first time in years.


  • Percy was getting ready for the homecoming dance. He already agreed to go with his friends. 
  • He looked across the way to see Annabeth in her pajamas and doing homework. 
  • Annabeth looked up and they made eye contact for a second before Percy grabbed his sketch pad.
  • Annabeth sat up and grabbed hers, waiting for him to write first.
  • He held up his pad. “You going tonight?”
  • Annabeth looked down and wrote, “No, studying.”
  • Percy looked down, disappointed. He wrote on his pad, “I wish you were.”
  • Annabeth smiled a bit. 
  • Percy grabbed his jacket and left his room, ready to face everyone without a girlfriend.
  • Annabeth looked down at her notes and noticed something different. She moved her notes and saw the page where she wrote, “I love you”.
  • He wanted her there. Maybe she should go. She knew everything by heart already…


  • Percy sighed as he watched all his friends dance with their girlfriends. No one came up to him and asked about Reyna, who he was trying to avoid.
  • His friend, Grover, came over to him. “You okay man?”
  • “Yeah, fine.” He forced a smile. “I’m going to get something to drink.”
  • He headed towards the table with all the drinks when he saw her. His heart stopped. 
  • Annabeth walked in a beautiful light pink gown that poof out at her waist. Her hair was down in perfect curls and her glasses, gone. Her eyes were wondering around the gym, looking for him. 
  • Percy headed towards her. He had to talk to her. Tell her something that he couldn’t even admit to himself until now. 
  • Reyna saw how he was looking at Annabeth and walked over to him. “Hey Percy.”
  • Percy looked at her. “Go away Reyna.”
  • “Percy, we can talk about this.”
  • He glared at her. “We’re done!”
  • He kept moving towards Annabeth. “Annabeth.”
  • Her eyes landed on him and she smiled. 
  • “You look beautiful.” Percy smiled.
  • “You look handsome yourself.” She smiled.
  • He chuckled.
  • Annabeth bit her lip. “Percy, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you.”
  • “What?” He asked.
  • She put her hand into her bag and pulled out a folded up piece of paper. She opened it up and it was her page that read, “I love you”.
  • Percy smiled. “I love you too.” 
  • Annabeth smiled back as Percy got closer. 
  • Her heart was pounding. This is it. Percy Jackson, her long time crush and best friend, was kissing her.
Tampa Squad

Show Date: October 31, 2015

Seat list:

ashlynnlovestaylor (Admin): Section 108, Row S, Seats 17 & 18

weicometonewyork: Section N

life-of-a-swiftie-fangirl: Section P, Row 8, Seats 3 & 4 

itremindsyouofinnosence: B Stage Pit

selcouth-swiftie: B Stage Pit

winestainedlove: Section Q, Row 17, Seats 14 & 15

taylormermaidcat: Section N, Row 19, Seats 7 & 8

becky-loves-cats: Section 110, Row H, Seats 22-24

reannamoss1: Won Tickets

daniielats1989 & adriimejia: Section 134, Row R, Seats 13-15

the-swift-squad: Section 208, Row C, Seats 1 & 2

graceffa-swift: Section 135, Row AA, Seats 4-6

buildingswiftcastles: Section C, Row 2, Seat 1

jpoww15: Section C

rosyxcheeks: Section E

@fragilelittleflame: Section M

please-takemedancing: Section L

taylour-swift: Section 149

@somebodylosestheirminds: Section L


slaylorswiftie13: Section H

swiftliving: Section J, Row 11, Seat 3

no-utahraptor: Section 140, Row U, Seats 16 & 17

taylorswift1213Section 103, Row J, seats 5 & 6

you-werelookingat-me: Section 204, Row V, Seats 5-7

littlemisssunnydaleSection M, Row 10 

@everythinghaschangedfortswift​: Section E, Row 11, Seat 13 

swift-ly-fangirling: Section M, Row 9, Seats 17-18

 inyourwildestdreams-1989: Section P, Row 4, Seats 1 & 2

swifties4taytaySection 107, Row A, Seats 4-7

asignforswiftpr: Section 114, Row U, Seat 5

iknowpalaces: Section 111, Row P, Seats 9 & 10 

ohericachristine: Section 113, Row E, Seats 3 & 4

jillianconvery: Section 133, Row W, Seats 17 & 18

laughterinhereyes: Section 138, Row P, Seat 3

hillydavis: Section Q, Row 17, Seat 22

talldrinkofhappy & cattiehallway: Section Q

wanderingswiftieSection K, Row 7

urin81(From Japan): I’m Section 213, Row L, Seats 13 & 14 

bewhynot: Section 113

youfitinmypoemslike: Section H, Row 11, Seat 1

1989TS13ShakeItOff: Section 244, Row A

savannahswift13: Section 135, Row T, Seats 7-10

swiftonpoint: Section R, Row 7, Seats 12 & 13

un-throne: Section R, Row 15

1989redswiftie​: Section 137, Row J, Seats 11 & 12

you-felt-enough: Section J, Row 4, Seats 17 & 18

secret-regrets: Section 138, Row B

lost-in-taylorland: Section K, Row 6, Seats 1 & 2

wecandancetothisbeat: Section 149

dreamerdirection: Won Tickets

the-shirleygermanotta-blog : Section 109, Row Y, Seat 9

maytheoddsbeeverinyourfandom :Section R, Row 32

green-eyesatme: Section G, Row 5, Seats 3 & 4

upandawaytoneverland &infinite-curls​: Section 217, Row AA, Seats 16 & 17

swiftlysparks: Section 136, Row X Seats 5 & 6

swiftsandstuff: Section 113, Row S, Seats 17 & 18

sydney-swift: Section 109, Row K, Seats 3-6

swiftingforreal: Section 138, Row E, Seats 13-15

heidisunshine: Section 109, Row G, Seats 7 - 10

ashmaybeswift and tswiftluvr13: Section P, Row 28, Seats 1 & 2

thotjuly9th: Section 336, Row A, Seat 1 & 2

swift-city:Section 149, Row S

fearlessly-buildingcastles: Section C, Row 31, Seats 1 & 2

rachaelll19: Pit left

swiftnstyles: Section N, Row 11, Seats 1 & 2

putyourpictureintheframe: Bstage pit

thegirlfromreading: Section F, Row 19, Seat 13

swiftietayvinaf: Section 150, Row B, Seat 19 & 20

staystrongloveliesblog: PIT R

buildingswiftcastles: Section C, Row 2, Seats 1 & 2

bakersgonna-bake-bake-bake: Section F, Eow 7, Seats 19 & 20

casuallyfearless: Section N, Row 22, Seats 6 & 7

somebodylosestheirminds: Section L, Row 27

notayloritsbecky :Section 304, Row D, Seats 5 and 6!

merliviaswift : Section 149, Row BB, Seat 5 & 6

lindseyfl: Section 202, Seats 7 & 8

alyssa-colman: Section R, Row 41, Seats 19 - 21

taylorhaimandcats: Section 140, Row CC, Seat 21

hes-so-tall: Surprised with tickets.

autumnleavesfallin:Section Q, Row 13, Seats 5 & 6

txy-lr: Section 102, Row S, Seats 8 & 9

butterfliessturnedtodust:Section 135, Row AA, Seats 1 & 2

ts-love13: Section N, Row 10

mypersonisswift: Section P, Row 4, Seats 6 & 7

cecelivesin1989 &serialswiftie: Section J, Row 13, Seats 5 & 6.

taycamepouringdown:Section J, Row 10, Seats 21 & 22.

kenzieaf: Section 302, Row T, Seat 1 & 2.

rachelxoxo02: Section F, Row 19, Seats 15 & 16

ashleyynicole13: Section N, Row 7

bigeyesswift: Section 106, Row BB

tothisickbeat: Section 135, Row F, Seats 13 & 14

rachelxoxo02: Section F, Row 19, Seats 15 & 16

dancinrounddakitchen: Section 314, Row A, Seat 6

itsallinyourpointofview: Section 202, Row L, Seats 11 & 12

still-an-innocentt: Section J, Row 2, Seats 1 & 2

swifternethey: Section 201, Row AA, Seats 22 & 23

befearlessandstaybeautiful: Section 332, Row F, Seats 21 & 22


Hi everyone! So Raymond James recently posted what’s approved and not approved in the stadium.

I believe you can use any amount of battery powered lights, as long as they take up to 3 AA batteries.

They have been a little confusing on twitter, but they have not told me that there is a limit on the amount of lights you can have. If you want more clarification, go to Raymond James’ twitter!

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I love ya’ll 

(look at me I actually finished it hella)

Hello! So I recently reached 600 followers (!!!!) so this is a celebration of that. It’s also a yay-rosie’s-had-a-blog-for-one-year, spring has sprung, and a hey-i-I’ve-made-new-friends follow foreverJ. I’m really sorry if if forgot you, I follow an insane amount of blogs and I didn’t want this to be stupidly long so yeah. But I love all of you, and thank you for making my dashboard fun:D

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