We hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to know The Narrative through our Band-Of-The-Week segment!

At this time we’d like to reveal the responses we got from fans to the questions The Narrative asked in our interview with them!

The questions were: 

“Why do you like us? What bands would you compare us to? How did you hear about us? and "Do you have any stories about our songs that you relate to?" 

d-hester: the music is really calming, awesome lyrics, something i could fall asleep listening to (it’s a good thing), and I heard about them through my best friend on the planet. idk what bands to compare them to but i can say that i sent this song to a friend who is really picky with music choices and he really really liked it and downloaded it!

thecolorabi: Aha, I heard about them thanks to Will Noon but, they already know that. And You Will Be Mine is a song I relate to really well - they probably know why to that one too. I’m friends with them :)

cattyeyes: I like The Narrative because their music is quite relaxing but still full of emotion and stories. In a weird way, I find them similar to You Me At Six’s earlier work. I found them through the “YouTube Narnia”, the indie sidebar suggestions. I’m curious about the song Libra - is it really Zodiac-related?

taylortellsall: I love The Narrative! They always put on a good show, they click with the audience so well, and they’re really funny. I heard about them from my brother who saw them opening for Relient K. I fell in love and stole their CD from him. One of my favorite songs is Don’t Want To Fall. It so perfectly describes the feeling of seeing an ex lover again. I used to play the song on repeat whenever my ex would get in the car. She eventually caught on and the awkward moment was totally worth it.

bottomlessworld: the song ‘eyes closed’ reminds me of my holiday in France.. 

I miss the sea and my sweetheart, the song is filled with so much beauty and it puts love in my heart. I’m drifting away, imagining the wonderful emotional lyrics…with all these images in my mind. I see myself walking on a sand bank,plashy, the wind is blowing, my feet are wet, my skin is cold and my heart is freezing too. 
Suddenly the tears run down my face.. I miss my boy, my love… I want to have him near to me,  embrace him, I need him by my side. but he can’t be there. I’m desperate and happy at the same moment.. 
yes the song reminds me of that precious moment. 
(really like the voice and the melody) 

coloredbones: I love them so much because of how diverse they are in their music. Every song is different, and i love each and every single one of them. One moment its a song featuring suzie’s amazing and entrancing voice, the next its a faster, toe tapping song. There are so many emotions that they are able to extract from me. The lyrics are so amazing and divine and relatable in almost every song. Suzie’s voice is also so perfect and beautiful to listen to, it really is one-of-a-kind and so amazing. The first time i ever heard of them was actually on the site 8tracks last year ish.

one of the biggest songs i relate to would definitely be ‘Don’t want to fall’. my absolute favorite line in that song is “and after time i cant accept youre still the song on my breath”. This song kind of describes me to a tee. I think i’ve moved on, but a simple gesture or thing can bring me right back. And i really dont want it to be this way.

I love love The Narrative, and they definitely get me through the day. It may sound lame, but their music just puts me in a brighter mood if im feeling down. Im so grateful for Suzie and Jesse for producing such awe inspiring music. Music means a lot to me, and it’s because of bands like this. I really cant wait for their new album next year!

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