Okay so my brother and I are going to the 1989 tour in Washington D.C. on July 14th! Part of our costumes are these “Tumblr Jewels” shirts.  As you can probably guess, these are inspired by the “Junior Jewels” shirt from the You Belong With Me music video.  Instead of having names of random people, I decided to put the URL’s of my favorite blogs on them! So these shirts also serve as my new follow forever! (I organized the URL’s by where they are on our shirts so that you can find your URL!)

Picture #1 (front of my shirt)

1989tour abiander album1989 andthatlittleblackdress apenandanoldnapkin badsblood bestapologies breakburnandends callsmeupagains colldasyou comebackbehere comingeasily creekbedsweturnedup daerjohn enchanthed eyesopen fade-into-views flashbacksandechoes gay4tay gotyourdemons holygrounds iconfessbabe iknitsweatersyo incredblethings iwishyouwouid julyninths kissinbarsyoufool makingupforlostlove monica-geller myjourneytofearlesss nevereverlikeever neverevers newromantlcs oldfavoritesong onbackroadsatnight onehandfeel passinnotesinsecrecy picturetosburn rememberyourbarefeet riskanothergoodbye sadbeautifultragic sherlockswift showyouincrediblethings slammingscreendoors takeawaythepains tayliswift taylorslegs @tayswiftnation teaswift theangelscity theblameisonme theothersideofthedoor thestarsthatshined timcgraws timeerasingyou voguetaylor xloveswift youareinloves youbelongwithmes youmighthavehim and of course taylorswift

Picture #2 (back of my shirt)

2amwhodoyoulove 60squeens afirstglancefeeling agentswift alltheyoungthings alltoofuckingwell altoowhale andialmostdo andiwishyouwoulds andthatlittleblackdress anygreatloves anyreallove asitbegins babyissomethingwrong bemyoldselfagain blessingswift calvinsharris captureitrememberit casuallyfearless cataystrophic catchmenows dancinroundthekitchen danishswiftie dirtycheatsoftheworld dressuplikehipsters dropeverythangnow fearless-tour feelslikeaperfectnight firstkissflawless firstraysofsun fobswift gaveusourtrophies gluegunscar gotyourdemons halfofmyhearts inadrawer inmyroomallalone itsfearless jencita juniorjewels keds kidem kncwplaces lazylilacs lightingonmyfeet lskbe morningair msgafterparty myparentsmistakes nowimhaunted ofbeinghonests officialtaylornation paralyzedbyit paraswift placeswecanhide punkswift rightandreal sadbeautifultragic savingmypromises seenyoulostinacrowd simplysfans stateofbecky stay-stay-stay thebeautifulkinds themomntiknew thingsyoucantspeakof thotjuly9th totallyswifted youareeinlove youareworldsaway youhearisno youmighthavehim

Picture #3 (front of my brother’s shirt)

all-too-well anothernamegoesup bae-tay betterthansrevenge colorsinautumn feariess finallyclean flfteen gettinsweptaway hellagoodhair kingdomlightsshine leaveanastyscar mysweetayngel outoftheswoods ptaylorswift riskanothergoodbye thosebeautifuleyes @ughstory and of course taylorswift

Picture #4 (back of my brother’s shirt)

babyididtoo best-apologies fuck-sewingmachines futurewasme imparalyzedbyitt itsathugstory iwearheelsnow kaleidoscopeofourmemories lightsglisten likeanytruelove longslive lovespretty newfoundgrace newromantis notalotgoingonathemoment ohsoswiftly oohiremember screamingiminlovewithyou shouldvessaidno slaylorkloss stoodthereandwatched swingofyourstep talldrinkoftaylor tenerifeseas thanksforsayingthat thelostscarf wealmostbrokeup wegotbillstopay youkeepmyoldscarf youmakemecrazier yourememberitalltoowell

That’s it! I love all of you guys and due to the very limited space, I couldn’t put everyone on the shirts so if I follow you and you’re not on here I’m super sorry and I love you too!!! I hope you guys like it :)