This dog is so weird it looks like she’s analyzing every lyrics of OOTW
while doing the meerkat pose, I think she’s trying to impress you Taylor since she’s a dog not a cat haha. I swear she’s the dog version of Olivia. @taylorswift

Ps my mom change her name from Hermione to “Bamba” idk why


Hi taylor! I know your Birthday it’s on sunday but i couldn’t wait to upload this birthday video! I love you so much and i hope you like it. We made it with all our hearts and smiles with laugh! (as you can see, many of my friends were dying of laugh hahaha), and we hope you see this because you deserve all the happy wishes in this world. I wish you THE BEST AND ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WHOLE WORLD, you are an amazing person, so cute, so kind to other people, so sweet and a lovely woman with a big heart. Please taylor let me know if you see this, this will mean a LOT to me and all the people in this video. OH MISS SWIFT, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, god bless you forever and always. @taylorswift

ps. sorry for the little bad english hahaha but english isn’t my first language:/

With love, Ale.

1 month ago I woke up and I had the biggest smile on my face. Taylor Alison Swift followed me! ME! I’m so grateful to all the swifties who helped me do it, without you I don’t think this would’ve happened. Here’s to the swifties who helped me get it and if some of you still don’t have a follow you’ll get it I’m sure. I used to think I would never get a follow because I’m not very creative on my blog idk I think it’s not funny and Tay loves when a blog is funny but it happened and I’m so grateful to all of you I will never be able to thank you enough! <3 and if any of you need help getting a follow ask me I’ll help you in any possible way! If I missed someone who has helped (I’m sorry) and please let me know I’ll add you to the list!

And thank you so much Taylor this really made my life so much better I’ve had that smile for over a month now!! You are an inspiration to all of us and the on y thing I can do is tell you how thankful I am! You are the best role model a fanbase could ask for. Again, thank you so so much! I love you<3 taylorswift

PS: See you in Philly 6/12/2015 ;)

Section F2 Row 4 Seats 17,18


Sarah - majicmadness

Mai - longlivetaylorswiftmai

Ashley - iashley13love


Alexia - taylormeowswift

Amanda - illseeyouinmywildestdreams

Courtney - stolenkissprettylie

Eraj - erajislame

Jackie - jackie13jk

Jen - liveonpurpose84

Jordan - livelikethats

Kaelyn - taylorfoundherself

Lyndsey - taylorletsbefriends

Maggie - sassierthanfiction

Monica - adoptmetaylor

Nemo - 13neverforgetyouaslongasilive13

Nicole - nicolebowavero

Rocio - tswiftlyricsasiseethem

Shahar - kindaswiftt

Shelby - taylorswizzy-1989

Shelly - smelly-lelly

Steph - swifternet

Taylor - not-taylorswift

Yazmin - sunlightswift13