Hi taylorswift! It’s Natalie and Courtney from Jamestown, Rhode Island here. We made this video (and Natalie sang/mashed up your songs) as a huge thank you for nine years of happiness and a source of comfort when we couldn’t turn to anyone else. And also because we are SO DAMN EXCITED for July 24th at Gillette Stadium! Look for us (and Courtney’s sister Emma and her mom) Club Section 8, Row 5, Seats 1-4. We love you and we hope you like our crazy antics, outfits, and singing :) WE ARE NOT ASHAMED TO SHOW THE ENTIRE BEACH OUR LOVE FOR YOU! 

P.S. The signs are supposed to be Polaroid’s with our initials and birth years (which are also on the back of our shirts). Our shirts say “From Tim McGraw to James Dean you never went out of style”.   

@taylorswift taylorswift taylorswift

P.P.S. Natalie has waited 9 years to see you live, so she is actually peeing her pants right now.