So, opening night went down an absolute treat! But what I’m really trying to say is does anyone want to give me a massage?!

I picked up the programmes yesterday too, which i had designed and sent for print, and they looked fab! (A couple of tiny mistakes, but we won’t go there… Sorry RC!)

How about this for a review - none of the cast knew this person:

“Just been to see HAIR! From the opening notes of Aquarius to the closing with Flesh Failures it could not be faulted. It is one of the best productions of Hair I have ever seen - and I have seen hundreds!!! The cast were out of this world, from the leads to the tribe, they gave their all. They made me laugh and cry and I sang along to every song - had a great night. If you see them thank them from me - the old hippy in the second row!!! - SR.”

Wow! I’m totally geared up for tonight now, what an amazing review - and yes she was indeed singing along to every song! :-) Go SR!

Here’s a couple of shots taken by my friend KC:

External image

I’m in the centre :-)

Tribe Loving! I will be so sad when this is all over.


Camp Lochearn for Girls!

Yay! I’ve been placed! Had an hour an 20 minute phone interview last night with Ginny, who was absolutely lovely. The phone line was really quiet but I adjusted to it after a little while which was fine. Going out there to teach theatre/singing.

SO happy, I can’t wait to go now!

But still have loads to pay for Camp America… ouch!