The Words Taylor Said to Me That Made My Life

Me: Red was released six months after a guy dumped me by unfriending me on Facebook. How passive aggressive is that?

taylorswift*rolls eyes* Oh my god.

Me: All your albums have been perfect soundtracks to what’s happening in my life when they’re released.

taylorswiftIt seems like we’ve had similar cycles. Yay us! *gives high five* Have you sailed past it now?

Me: Yeah.

taylorswiftGreat! We don’t need relationships to make us happy. Romance and relationships don’t have to go hand-in-hand. You can get romantic about a lot of things. I saw that pumpkin spice lattes were coming back early and I was like *pumps fist* YES!

*everyone laughs*

taylorswift*pats me on the shoulder* I’m proud of you.

*I die*


Exactly 6 months ago this crazy thing happened with @taylorswift…. 👯 And today I finally figured out how to post this gif on Instagram. #ShakeItOff #TaylorsATeam #WayBackWednesday

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Sometimes we need to let ourselves dream impossible dreams. 

On Monday August 11th 2014 Taylor announced that all the clues she had been giving us meant one very exciting thing.  She would be hosting a live stream on Yahoo! at 5:00 pm EST on Monday August 18th 2014.

As expected, us Swifties were freaking out and the haters were well you know….haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

Now this live stream alone was enough excitement to keep us happy for a good while.  But Taylor is known for doing more than what is asked of her.  So naturally she had more news for us.

Well that’s pretty exciting right?  Just the thought of it.  Allowing yourself to even dream of such a thing.  Now I’m from Ohio, about an 8 hour drive from NYC, but we just so happened to be going to New York the very weekend of the live stream.  Fate?  It was a sign.  So I spent the whole day drafting up a “500 Character or less” essay about why I love Tay.  This was not easy.  How can you express in words the impact Taylor has had? 

Doubt was entering my mind.  How many people are going to apply to this thing?  A million gazillion? Probs.  How do you make yours stand out?  They wanted it to be three things: enthusiastic, unique, and creative

Well after a bunch of playing around and tweaking this is what I landed on: 

#ICouldWriteADissertationOnWhyI’mTay’sBiggestFan. ButYou’reLimitingMeTo500Characters—Only3.5TweetsToShowMyLoveForT-Swizzle?ChallengeAccepted.ITweet, Instagram,&FacebookAboutHerSoOftenYou’dThinkIWasHerPublicist. ICanSingEveryWordToEverySongAndNotMissABeat.IMentionHerCats LikeThey’reOldFriends. IWriteRidicouslyLongHashtaggedTweetsLikeThisToPromoteTayAcrossSocialMedia. IDefendHerToAllTheNonbelievers, QuoteHerLyricsInEverydayLife,AndCryAtHerGenuineActsOfKindness. EverydayIAmTay’sBiggestFan. Send Tweet.

Well I doubted it would actually win.  But I figured that the one long hashtagged tweet concept made it at least a little unique.  But most importantly it was true to me. And then I sent it in and that was that.  I was sure that would be the end of this little adventure.

I spent an excruciatingly long Thursday staring at my phone hoping for the impossible.  Imagining what it would be like to actually meet Taylor. By 5:00 pm I had pretty much given up hope as we packed up the car and started our 8 hour drive to New York for our weekend trip.

Now, I had fantasized about this phone call over and over those past two days. What they would say. What I would say.  But never did I actually believe my phone would ring at 8:00 pm with a NY number flashing on the screen. 

On the phone I was informed that I was a winner of the Biggest Fans in the Big Apple contest and that I would be attending the live stream on Monday.  The hardest part?? WE WEREN’T ALLOWED TO TELL ANYONE.  Ahhhhhh.  It was so hard.  But a promise is a promise. 

Waiting for Monday seemed to take ages.  I could barely eat lunch the day of and my mind was racing the whole time.

At 1:00 pm exactly (once a rule follower always a rule follower) I arrived at the hotel and quickly spotted where I was suppose to be.  After a while of waiting in line and hearing fellow ecstatic Swifties swap their stories I was able to check in at the first table.  We were then escorted in small groups into an elevator.  Now we are pretty much all freaking.

So we get to the next floor and…it’s another line.  We wait a bit more and then hand over our release forms and all our personal belongings and electronics (goodbye any dreams of a Snapchat with Tay?) 

After receiving our special wristbands we walked into a room with round tables and were greeted by two members of Taylor Nation! THEY were excited to have US!  What? This was all so crazy.  

For about an hour we stay in that room talking and making new friends. For once, we were able to talk with people who truly understood why we love Taylor so much— it was like lifelong friends we had never met

Okay okay so then what? Taylor Nation came and talked to us.  

“Just wanted to let you know that you 89 were chosen out of 5,000!”

5,000?? 89/5,000 = .0178

So if we are doing the math right that means we had a better chance of getting accepted into Harvard or getting a job at Google than being chosen for Taylor’s Live Stream.  Yet here we were.  Chosen. 

Taylor Nation continued “this is a pretty exciting day because we are guessing most of you have not met Taylor before…” 

The room bursts into screams.  

After about another hour of waiting Taylor Nation was back.  We were now asked to sit with our group numbers written on our wristbands. I made my way over to group 3.  We sat in a circle, shared our names, where we were from, and why we love Taylor so much.

We had dance parties to Taylor songs as one huge group AND THE ENERGY WAS ELECTRIFYING.

And then finally the movement began.  Group by group we were escorted across the street to the studio.  After a quick snack and elevator ride we arrived in a gorgeously decorated apartment style studio.  Two groups had already arrived and were sitting on various couches and chairs throughout the room.  I was able to get a pretty great seat on the back of one of the couches nearly 10 ft from where Tay would be sitting.  

It was about 4:30 by the time all the groups were situated.

Next, the producers came out to talk to us about what to expect. We watched the clock as it got closer and closer to 5:00 while looking at each other with “is this real life??” in our eyes.  With around 5 minutes to go we began a round of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. At 1 minute to go we began to scream for a minute straight.  At 10 seconds to go we began the countdown staring at the door she was about to walk through.

And then there she was.  Not at the door.  But instead on the TV.  On top of the Empire State Building.  Talking to the world over the live stream.

“It’s actually a little scary up here.  Do you mind if I come down to talk to you?”

WE SCREAMED. This was it.

And then there she truly was at the door walking towards us, hugging fans as she made her way to the stage.

Now I won’t go into detail about the live stream because that is available for everyone to see. I will say though that her coming out into the audience and dancing with us to her new song Shake It Off was pretty amazing. 

So here is when things start to get crazy.  The live stream ends.

Taylor: “Hey guys! So…do you want to hang out?”


Taylor: “Okay cool well I’ve just got a couple interviews to do and then we can go get some pizza! I’ve already got a place secured.”

Okay sure yeah no big deal we will just go have pizza with TAYLOR SWIFT.

We sat and watched her record her interview for Good Morning America and it was amazing just how REAL she was.

Her insights about life, as always, were amazing: 

After the interview each group got to take a group picture with Taylor. This was enough to make any true fan lose it. 

After our pictures we were escorted to two very large busses where we all freaked out together about what just happened and what was soon to happen. On our way out we even got a chance to see Taylor’s mom! Through the windows of the bus we watched Taylor exit the building into a car and of course…we screamed. 

If this story wasn’t already crazy enough, here is where it gets unreal.

We are riding on the bus for a while speculating about where we could possibly be heading.  The girl next to me is from New York and so she has a much better sense of direction than me.

“It seems like we are heading towards SoHo.”

My mind instantly freaks. SoHo…Tribeca…Taylor’s apartment. No. It’s not possible.

As we drive further I see “Tribeca Deli”. Now I’m really freaking. And then it happens.

We see her street.

We scream.

The bus turns onto the street.

We scream.

The bus stops in front of her apartment.

We scream.

Taylor Nation tries to calm us down. “Yes this is really happening. Breathe.”

And so you know we just casually walk into Taylor’s apartment building. And then casually walk up the stairs. Many stairs. And then we’re at a standstill. Why? Because Taylor wants to hug and greet everyone individually as they walk in. OF COURSE SHE DOES THIS IS WHY WE LOVE HER. 

We finally make it to the hallway and can see her door. We can hear her talking to everyone. “Come on in! Thanks for coming!” So genuine it is almost hard to believe. 

The radio is playing.  Her new song comes on. She freaks as only Taylor would.  We all freak with her. 

We meet her dad passing in the hallway.

“Man she talks more than I do!” he chuckles. 

Now we are inside the apartment.  It’s gorgeous and smells wonderful. We can’t really see her very well yet but we can hear people tell us what they see.

“She’s talking to every person!”

“She’s wearing a new dress!" 

"She’s hugging everyone!”

“Her cats are here!”

We get closer and see that she is talking to people in roughly groups of 3.  It’s really hard to breathe. 

The group ahead of me gets a chance to hold her adorable kitten Olivia! Taylor trusts us to hold her cat?? ONLY TAYLOR DOES THIS. 

When it’s our turn Taylor gives us all a hug.


She talks to us about the difference between romance and relationships. 

“You don’t need a relationship for your life to be romantic. You don’t need another person to make you happy." 

She tells us that there is pizza and pop in the living room and to help ourselves.  She will be in in just a few minutes. 

We eat pizza and walk around her apartment.  Looking at GRAMMYs, VMAs, CMAs, and more all displayed throughout her house.  People are playing pool in Taylor Swift’s apartment.  I look at the beautiful piano and all of her decorations. 

Now, there is a commotion in the kitchen.  We all walk over. All 89 of us standing around her kitchen island watching her eat pizza and drink diet coke.  This was actually happening. 

She talked to us like we were old friends and she could not have been nicer. 

All of a sudden someone says “Taylor your song is on the radio again!” 

Taylor: “Whaaat!!” 

She starts running right towards where I’m standing to turn up the volume.  And then there we all are. 

Dancing. To Shake It Off.  With Taylor. IN HER KITCHEN.  I’m like an inch from her dancing like no one is watching. 

After the song ends Taylor asks us “So do you guys maybe wanna take some Polaroid pictures?” 

We stand in a blob of a line waiting to take a picture with Taylor.  It’s about 4 people per picture and as we get closer we notice something else.

Taylor is handing fans GRAMMYs and VMAs to hold in the picture. 

Before I could comprehend what was going on someone was handing me a Grammy and it was my turn.  I was staring at the Grammy trying not to drop it when Taylor turns to me waiting for me to stand next to her for the picture. 

Someone excitingly tells me “go take your picture with Taylor!” 

Me: “I think I’m holding this backwards…” 

Taylor: “There is no wrong way to hold a Grammy!”

And there we all are, arms around each other, Grammys in hand, taking a Polaroid picture with Taylor Swift. 

We were told that they would scan all of the Polaroids and that they would be sent to us— knowing that those pictures would most likely be our profile pictures for the rest of eternity.  Taylor wrote on the Polaroids personally just for us. 

After the picture, a bunch of us realized wow it’s been like 8 hours since we’ve gone to the bathroom. And so yeup. We used Taylor Swift’s bathroom. Of course it smelled amazing. 

Before we knew it it was 8:30 and time to leave.  We formed a line and she said goodbye to us each, one by one, as we received a tote bag with 3 new Taylor shirts. 

We discovered that she herself had read all of the winners’ essays. #tears 

It was hard not to cry.  Before I reached Taylor I got a chance to talk to her dad and give him a hug.

After receiving my tote bag I got to hug Taylor one more time and thank her so much for everything.  I even got to tell her about how I have a 4 month old baby nephew who I am molding into the biggest and best Taylor Swift fan and described the onesie I made for him.

I told her that this was the best night of my life and then I left.

And that was that.  I TRULY just hung out with Taylor Swift in her apartment.  

Now that is an amazing story but it is not the only point of this post.  You see I’m so excited about Taylor’s new song and about meeting her for more than just the excitement of a new song and meeting your idol. 

That’s because this experience made everything so clear.  

I sometimes get down and always defensive if I hear any haters hating towards T-Swift. But her song is so right.

There are always going to be people hating on each other no matter who you are; and we can’t do anything about it but dance and have a ton more fun than them.

Meeting Taylor showed me what I already knew: that she really is everything we have always believed. She is so real, so genuine, so generous, so funny, so kind, and so silly.

And the best part is that no one can ever tell me otherwise because I know the truth.  And that’s what us Swifties know.  That Taylor is a real person with real feelings and real compassion.  She cares about her fans enough to trust us with her cats and invite us into her home.


And that’s what other people don’t understand about Taylor Swift. 

She really is that good of a person.


But no worries Tay, we don’t give the haters a second thought. 

We just shake it off.

Dream Impossible Things; A night with Taylor Swift

Let’s start from the beginning…

My finace, Andrew, and I both entered a contest on Monday, August  11, 2014, that was posted on Taylor Swifts Facebook page to be in New York City during her live stream on August 18, 2014. On Thursday, August 14, 2014, Andrew and I were having dinner with his brother and his girlfriend at Duffs when Andrew got a call from a New York City number. Just as Andrew was about to answer the phone, it died! Andrew then went to his car to charge his phone just as we asked for the check from the waitress. We paid for dinner and then went to the car and started to drive home as we waited for his phone to turn back on. When his phone finally turned on there was a voicemail waiting. I played the message on speakerphone and listened as Cathy from Taylor Nation said she had “some very fun news” for Andrew. Andrew called Cathy back about nine times over the period of an hour before she returned his phone call. We were sitting in the car in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot when Andrew spoke to Cathy and she told him that he had won the contest to be at the live stream! Cathy went through all the specifics and strict confidentiality policies of accepting this invitation. She told Andrew to be at the Millennium Broadway Hotel between 1pm and 2pm on August 18, 2014. One strict rule she mentioned was that he was not allowed to bring any guests. At the end of the conversation Cathy asked Andrew if he had any questions. At this point Andrew got out of the car and asked Cathy if she had read his submission post. She explained that she had not read the submission so Andrew went on to explain what he had written.  Andrew mentioned that his entire post was about him proposing with the lyrics of Love Story and that our first dance was going to be to Enchanted. He also mentioned that it was my dream to meet Taylor and asked if we could both go or if I could take his place. Cathy said that she would let the management know and that they would get back to him the following day.

Well that was a long night and Friday morning. I was sick with worry and anxious to know what the management staff would say. I prayed so hard that I would be able to go, although I was skeptical of the whole thing in general. It didn’t seem real. On Friday August 15, 2014, Andrew called me around noon and said that the management team had called him and said that we could both go! At this point I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the weekend.

On Sunday August 17, 2014, Andrew and I drove to Brooklyn to stay at his parents’ house in Bay Ridge. We ordered a picture I had edited of Andrew proposing to me in front of the Verrazano Bridge. I had put the exact words that Andrew said to me when he was proposing. “Marry me, Kimberly; you’ll never have to be alone. I love you and that’s all I really know. I talked to your Dad, go pick out a white dress. It’s a love story, Kimee just say …Yes.” 

On the morning of August 18, 2014, we picked up the picture and on the back of the picture I wrote “Andrew and Kim, 9/12/2015”, and the location of our wedding.  We were hoping to give this to Taylor at the live stream.

We left for the Millennium Broadway Hotel at 11:30 am.  We took the subway and arrived at the hotel at about 12:45 pm. We walked into the hotel and in the lobby there were several people waiting and a table set up to the right of the entry. We got into line and were called up to the table individually where a man checked our ID and asked us what the project code. I replied with “Project Hummingbird” and then was led with a group of nine people to an elevator that took us to a conference room. There was high security in the conference room. First, a woman asked for our ID and collected out media releases. Then we were asked to turn over all items such as our phones, cameras, wallets etc. We were then given wrist bands with group numbers on them; Andrew and I were group number 3. We were then screened for any electronic devices and told to have a seat at the tables in the conference room. While walking into the conference room we were greeted by two women. They introduced themselves as Carly and Darby.  The first thing Carly said was “Are you the engaged couple, Kim and Andrew?” After we replied that we were she went on about how they just had to let me come because “you got engaged over her!” I thanked her several times and we then went to go sit down.  Andrew and I were some of the first people in the room and we talked with the people at our table for over an hour before all 89 people went through security.

The other Swifties that were sitting at our table were all so in love with Taylor and her music. It was refreshing to be around people who realize what a wonderful role model and person that Taylor Swift is. We told the people at our table about our story and what had happened and they were all so happy for us. They told us that they had tried to do similar things with trying to get their friend or sister to come but the management had replied no. It just made me that much more appreciative that I was allowed to be there.

After the last people were allowed in, Carly and Darby said that we would have to hold tight for about an hour and then they would let us know more. After sitting for another hour, Carly, Darby and Sierra then came back out and told us to get into our groups that were written on our bracelets. While in our groups we introduced ourselves and told everyone our age, hometown, and what we love most about Taylor and her music.  Carly and Sierra then announced that we would have to do something important before we were allowed to go to the live stream. Carly then played “22” from her iPod and we all danced and sang along. After that song we sang to several more songs then took our seats. The staff would still not tell us where we were going, only that were would have to travel just a short distance.

When it was time for my group to leave, we headed back downstairs to the lobby and then across the street to the ABC studios. We were given a quick snack and then escorted onto an elevator that took us up to the location of the live stream. 

It was so incredible to walk into the room where the live stream was going to take place. There were sheets draped all around the room, a platform in the front with a couch on it, couches and chairs placed all around the room, and several screens on the surrounding walls. Andrew and I got a seat on the last couch on the left hand side of the aisle. I was upset with our seat because it was so far from the stage and it was difficult to see.  We considered moving seats but at that point the other groups had come in and there wasn’t that much time left until the stream started.

We sat there for about 25 minutes and just watched as the crew taped down the carpets and got ready. Three men introduced themselves to us before the stream started but I do not recall who they were.  While waiting, all of us Swifties sang “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and then counted down the last 10 seconds before the live stream. We then watched on the screens as Taylor began the stream with a clip of her on the Empire State Building. Right after that Taylor walked out from the “Roof Access” door in the back of the room. When I first saw her I immediately started to tear up. She then walked right past me and touched my hand as she made her way to the stage. It was such a surreal feeling to be in a room with her.

Taylor than began her live stream and announced her first surprise… “Shake It Off”. The song played over the speakers in the room and we all got up and danced. About halfway through the song Taylor came over to me, grabbed my hands, and pulled me out into the middle of the aisle!! We twirled and danced to her song and I absolutely could not believe it. We danced for about 15 seconds before she moved onto another person. It was so amazing!! After Taylor sat back down, she announced her second surprise…the release of her new album, 1989! She went into detail about how 80’s music has influenced her album and that this is her favorite album. She seemed so happy about the music that she has created and proud of the progress her music has made. She mentioned that she has changed a lot since RED came out and that this album is the perfect reflection of the happy person she has become. After that exciting announcement, Taylor had one more! She announced that she had already filmed the music video for “Shake It Off” and that we would watch it right now! It was such a funny video! It was hilarious to watch Taylor’s reaction to us watching her video. She obviously was very proud and excited about what she had produced!

After watching the video, Taylor went on to answer questions from fans. She talked about her new album, tour and opportunities to meet her. It was all very exciting!! After the live stream ended, Taylor said that she had two interviews to do but was wondering if we would all want to go eat pizza with her after!! Everyone screamed and jumped up and down. Taylor then walked back down the aisle towards Andrew and I and we got to talk to her about her song and how good it was! She then excused herself and then we saw her parents! I yelled out “Mamma Swift” and Andrea came over and gave me a hug and said how excited she was for the song and new album. Before she left she gave me another hug! Then Mr. Swift came over and talked about the song and then pulled out RED guitar picks from his pocket and asked us to pass them around. I took a few and passed the rest forward.

Taylor then came back out and sat down for her interview for GMA. Some parts of the interview were actually kind of awkward but that’s what made it so great! The fact that Taylor is an actual person that has awkward moments! Taylor quickly left after the interview and we were then escorted to coach busses that were waiting outside. We got on our assigned bus and they wouldn’t tell us where we were going. We waited for Taylor to come out from the studio and then our bus started to follow her car. It took about 30 minutes to get to the location. I know nothing about the city but everyone was saying that we were getting closer to where her apartment is. Once we turned onto Franklin Street the bus exploded with excitement!! We all knew that she lived on Franklin Street and that we were going to her apartment.

We got off the bus and got re-screened in the entrance of the building. We then walked up six flights of stairs to her penthouse apartment. Andrew and I stood in the hallway and entrance to her apartment for about 45 minutes before we got to meet her because she was greeting everyone individually!  While waiting, we got to look around her foyer and saw Meredith, a picture of Ed Sheeran flipping the camera off, a birdcage lamp, a birdcage on the floor with antique books and a Grammy in it! There was also a large mirror in a wooden frame leaning up against the wall. There was a staircase to the right and up stairs there were curtains in front of closed doorways. When Andrew and I finally got up to Taylor she gave us each a hug and thanked us for coming over. Some of the conversation is a blur but I remember Andrew introducing me as his fiancé and Taylor instantly knew who we were! She was like “Oh yea, you proposed with the lyrics of “Love Story” and your first dance is going to be to “Enchanted”!” It was so amazing that she knew our story. She then asked us about when the wedding was and we told her September 12, 2015. She said it was nice that we were taking our time and enjoying the engagement. I then replied that “it has been a great process and this was just the icing on the cake!” We also told her that we now have the perfect song to play as the last song at our reception. After that I don’t remember what was said in detail. I thanked her several times and she directed us into her living room to eat pizza and grab a drink.

Andrew and I took some pizza off of her huge family style wooden table that was located directly to the right. We then walked into her kitchen to grab a drink. Perez Hilton was sitting at her island talking with one of her assistants. Andrew and I then just walked around. The room smelled wonderful because there were candles everywhere! Through her kitchen was a sitting room however, we stopped before that because someone was holding her precious little cat, Olivia Benson! She was such a cute little fluff ball! She just sat in my arms and stared at Andrew’s pizza! I then passed her off to another Swiftie who was anxiously waiting to hold her. Andrew and I then walked into the sitting room and found her dad talking to some swifties. He was saying how we are going to absolutely love the new album and that Taylor is so excited for us to hear it. I looked around the room to notice many Polaroid’s of her and her friends on the wall! It was clear how much she values time with her friends. I then went back into the kitchen to notice her cabinets filled with beautiful English bone china, a Kitchenaid mixer on her counter, and several spices. On the wall there was a drawing that Ryan had made for her framed and a chalk board that said “Goodbye Winter”. There was also a cute breakfast nook in the corner.

Back in the living room there was vintage and antique furniture. Her apartment had dark wood and furniture in it. There were several old velvet couches, an old suitcase as an end table, a glass cabinet as a bar table with books and baseballs in it. There was also a wet bar with several bottles of with and liquor in the back left corner of the room. In the back of the room was her piano. It was separated from the living room with a wall that had built in shelves in it all the way up to the ceiling. The Piano room was almost empty, the only thing I noticed in there was a jar full of old baseballs and a candle burning by the window. There was also a bathroom located in the piano room. There was no lock on the door.  I walked in on someone peeing…oops. The faucet was a Kohler vintage-looking faucet. The light fixture in the room was located on the sink vanity. It was similar looking to an old camera flash; she had several of those around the apartment.

Back in the living room was a HUGE vintage birdcage with old books and love sign with vanity lights in it; Very pretty looking. At this point, Taylor was done saying hello to everyone and went into her kitchen to eat pizza and grab another diet coke. Her song came on the radio and she turned up the volume so we could have a dance party with her in her kitchen!!! Taylor then asked to take Polaroid pictures with her in the living room. Everyone rushed out to the living room. At first there were big group pictures with people crowded around her, I got in one of them but Andrew did not. We then went to the back of the line and just sat on her couch for a few minutes while other people got to take pictures with her. Then somehow, she told people to grab her Grammy’s and other awards and hold them for the pictures! There were about 5 people in a group because that’s how many awards there were to hold. Andrew and I then walked around the side of a large group of people and got into a picture with her. I stood right next to her and held her Grammy for “Fearless” while Andrew held her CMA!

After we took the picture I quickly said to her that I have something to give her afterwards.  Andrew and I then got out of the way so other people could take pictures with her. We walked around the house a bit more until we were told it was time to leave. We got in line to say goodbye to her and then realized that she was giving out goodie bags! We gave her a hug as we left and she handed us the bag of merchandise from her new album! As I was leaving, I asked her assistant what I should do if I had something to give to Taylor. She told me to give it to Carly or Sierra downstairs. When we got back onto the bus, we examined what was in the bag. There were several shirts in there that said “Players Gonna Play” and “Shake It Off”. We then got our bags back and Andrew and I got off the bus and asked if we could leave from there.  Sierra said yes and as we were leaving I gave her the picture that I had made of Andrew proposing! We walked down the street and hailed a cab to head to Andrews house. I called Mom to tell her all about it and texted Sally, Grace, Lianna and Sarah. I then got to watch a video that Andrew’s brother, Pete, had recorded a video of me dancing with Taylor and sent it to Andrew’s phone! When we got to Andrews house we told his family all about what happened and then we quickly left because we had a long drive a head of us back to Buffalo! We blasted “Shake It Off” for a lot of the time! I then fell asleep and woke up when we were almost home!

It was the most incredible experience of my life and dream come true!! Thank you taylorswift for all do and for your music. It means more to me than you will ever know! Please don’t forget to save the date!! 

When I was at Taylor’s apartment and we were all taking pictures with her we all started surrounding her and pushing our way closer. And I swear to god, my protective instincts kicked in and I was like “Everyone just give her space! Let’s not all push! We can wait!” I was basically more worried about her than her bodyguards were lol. I’m over protective of my babe, okay.


You have such a kind soul for inviting us to your live stream and to your apartment. I was so awe struck when you greeted us all at the door, that I forgot to tell you how much you mean to me.

I have always wanted an older sister. Someone who helps through the toughest parts of life and gives the best advice. As an only child, YOU became my older sister.

You have helped me: When I feel like an outsider, When my friends are mean to me, When the boy I liked, liked someone else, When I went through my first breakup, When I found love, When I went through the most intense breakup with my boyfriend of 4 years this past January (where my emotions ranged from angry, to sad, to lonely, to happy…and back through the cycle multiple times), When I was finally able to laugh about it, and now, probably the most crucial time in my life at 20, When I’m trying to focus on my own happiness and not let what other people think get to me.

I am 4 years younger than you, so the songs you’ve been writing the past two years are the songs that I need most in my life right now. I cannot begin to thank you enough.

You will always have your ATeam, and especially me. <3



I woke up at 8:00am to get ready in preparation for the most amazing day of my life. I was ready, dressed, still not quite prepared, but so ready for the day and what was to come. I told myself to keep my mind wide open and to have no expectations so that I could just absorb and enjoy everything throughout the day. My dad and I took a train into the city around 10:00am and arrived around 11:30, because I wanted to make sure I was there extra early just in case. We ate lunch nearby the meeting place and finally arrived there at exactly 1:00pm. After waiting on line for sign in (meeting some amazing Swiftie friends in the process), we then proceeded to have all of our personal belongings checked in. We waited for over 2 hours sitting in tables talking and guessing about what was to come in the next 5 or so hours of our day. We talked about when we got the call, what we thought the album and single would be like and just got to know some really amazing people that I will never forget. Eventually we were escorted to Times Square studios where a beautiful loft-looking area was set up. We were told to sit wherever we wanted and to be sure to stand up when Taylor entered (As if we needed to be told.) Once the clock counted down and the live stream began and Taylor entered, everything finally became real to me. Watching her live stream, literally live in person was the craziest, most amazing, and most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. Seeing my idol sitting on a couch just feet away from me was incredible and I couldn’t contain myself as I was shaking like a maniac. She played her new single “Shake It Off” and danced with us. She then told us that she was going to have her new album “1989” (Explaining why 89 fans were invited to the live stream) released on October 27th, 2014. Her third surprise was that she was releasing her music video and we got to watch it right there in the studio. (P.s. That music video is the cutest and most perfect thing ever.) When the live stream ended, Taylor asked us if we wanted to hang out after she did some interviews and that she had a pizza hookup for us. Scott Swift also began handing out guitar picks from the “Red” tour, typical. We then watched Taylor tape her GMA interview which was just aired this morning (August 19th, 2014) which was absolutely adorable and so fun to watch. We were then escorted out of the building and on the way out I saw Andrea and hugged her and thanked her for everything and she said it was so nice to meet you, which basically made my life right there. I think all of us assumed that we would be heading back to our original meeting place and that Taylor would be meeting us there, however, when we walked out of the building we were pointed towards two huge coach buses and that’s when I think we knew something really special was about to happen. While on the bus, one of the Taylor Nation reps told us that the event had been extended after Taylor read our contest entries and said “she just had to do something” for us. I was beyond excited as we traveled through the city, towards Tribeca (also towards her apartment…) We arrived outside of her apartment and I have never been so nervous and excited all at once..

taylorswift we the taylorsateam LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. we made two videos for you. Thanks most importantly for you as a person, your music and for letting us into your home.

Out of the woods fan video

Shake it off fan video

This year #ImThankfulFor 89+ new friends and a renewed sense of inspiration by my queen, taylorswift, who has been planting dreams in my brain for seven years. She reminds me that I can find love in the darkest, tiniest corners, and that family is wherever you find fun. When I dance in my kitchen, I daydream about the minutes I danced with her and that new family in hers, and for those moments, I’m flying. Her smile lifts me every day.