Exactly 6 months ago this crazy thing happened with @taylorswift…. 👯 And today I finally figured out how to post this gif on Instagram. #ShakeItOff #TaylorsATeam #WayBackWednesday

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When I was at Taylor’s apartment and we were all taking pictures with her we all started surrounding her and pushing our way closer. And I swear to god, my protective instincts kicked in and I was like “Everyone just give her space! Let’s not all push! We can wait!” I was basically more worried about her than her bodyguards were lol. I’m over protective of my babe, okay.


I woke up at 8:00am to get ready in preparation for the most amazing day of my life. I was ready, dressed, still not quite prepared, but so ready for the day and what was to come. I told myself to keep my mind wide open and to have no expectations so that I could just absorb and enjoy everything throughout the day. My dad and I took a train into the city around 10:00am and arrived around 11:30, because I wanted to make sure I was there extra early just in case. We ate lunch nearby the meeting place and finally arrived there at exactly 1:00pm. After waiting on line for sign in (meeting some amazing Swiftie friends in the process), we then proceeded to have all of our personal belongings checked in. We waited for over 2 hours sitting in tables talking and guessing about what was to come in the next 5 or so hours of our day. We talked about when we got the call, what we thought the album and single would be like and just got to know some really amazing people that I will never forget. Eventually we were escorted to Times Square studios where a beautiful loft-looking area was set up. We were told to sit wherever we wanted and to be sure to stand up when Taylor entered (As if we needed to be told.) Once the clock counted down and the live stream began and Taylor entered, everything finally became real to me. Watching her live stream, literally live in person was the craziest, most amazing, and most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. Seeing my idol sitting on a couch just feet away from me was incredible and I couldn’t contain myself as I was shaking like a maniac. She played her new single “Shake It Off” and danced with us. She then told us that she was going to have her new album “1989” (Explaining why 89 fans were invited to the live stream) released on October 27th, 2014. Her third surprise was that she was releasing her music video and we got to watch it right there in the studio. (P.s. That music video is the cutest and most perfect thing ever.) When the live stream ended, Taylor asked us if we wanted to hang out after she did some interviews and that she had a pizza hookup for us. Scott Swift also began handing out guitar picks from the “Red” tour, typical. We then watched Taylor tape her GMA interview which was just aired this morning (August 19th, 2014) which was absolutely adorable and so fun to watch. We were then escorted out of the building and on the way out I saw Andrea and hugged her and thanked her for everything and she said it was so nice to meet you, which basically made my life right there. I think all of us assumed that we would be heading back to our original meeting place and that Taylor would be meeting us there, however, when we walked out of the building we were pointed towards two huge coach buses and that’s when I think we knew something really special was about to happen. While on the bus, one of the Taylor Nation reps told us that the event had been extended after Taylor read our contest entries and said “she just had to do something” for us. I was beyond excited as we traveled through the city, towards Tribeca (also towards her apartment…) We arrived outside of her apartment and I have never been so nervous and excited all at once..

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I just kinda felt like telling everybody how much I love them.  Some of you I’ve talked to, some of you I’ve met in person and some I’ve admired from afar, but regardless, it’s been a pleasure to follow each and every one of you and I will, well, forever.  If that wasn’t clear.

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And above all…

taylorswift!  Never would I have guessed how much my life would change on that Monday in August.  Not only did you make my wildest dreams come true, but you introduced me to a community of fantastic people and I’m so thankful to be a part of it.  Thank you for wanting me to be a part of your life and I’m so lucky you’re a part of mine.  I love you.  I love you I love you I love you.

Oh and un-par-al-leled. I guess.