So today over the PA my principle made an announcement saying “there are girls that are wearing crop tops showing their belly buttons, we don’t want to see your belly button rings, if you cant obey these rules you will be asked to cover up or go home.” And this one girl got sent home in tears because of this announcement. I think it’s fucking HUMILIATING to have that being said over the PA system.. Didn’t know you couldn’t love your body? Not to mention its a PUBLIC school so we should be able to wear whatever we want and feel comfortable in. I’m sick of girls getting body shamed all the time but it’s ok for guys to wear muscle shirts and take off their shirts in PE and it’s fine, but girls can’t show their shoulders or a little bit of stomach. This whole dress code thing is bullshit. Maybe us girls should just wear a robe to school maybe it will be less distracting??? Oh, but probably not. It pisses me off that girls can’t wear what they want they will just get judged. Body shaming is ridiculous, I say we should have an official #croptopday to show that we don’t think feminism is ok and is stopping boys from their education because they see girls distracting shoulders infront of them. I’ve been told to put on a sweater because I had spaghetti straps and my bra straps were showing. WOW every girl wears a bra what’s so wrong about straps lol people are just ridiculous these days no wonder girls struggle. It’s because of society. I’m just so fed up with this being such a big deal. Everyone has a body, you should be able to love it and wear what makes you feel comfortable.
- Taylor stachoski (taylorlovexo/tumblr)
—  Taylorlovexo