Reylo Playlist

My own playlist of Reylo Songs:
*the ones in bold are my favorites, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best ones cause I love all of them :)
* Alina Baraz, JOY., Layla, and Ruelle are my go-to ones for Reylo

  1. Don’t shy from the light by: Neulore
  2. Where do we go from here by: Ruelle
  3. Gold by: SHELLS
  4. Worth the fight by: Broods
  5. Recovery by: Broods
  6. Falling away by: Glades
  7. Where’s my love by: Syml
  8. High and Low by: EZA
  9. Here with me by: Susie Suh
  10. Paraffin by: Meadowlark
  11. Wild things by: Micky Blue
  12. Dark and stormy by: Micky Blue
  13. Ocean eyes by: Billie Eilish
  14. Haunted by: Maty Noyes
  15. Set sail by: Frances 
  16. Grow by: Frances 
  17. Veins by: Keyes
  18. Game of survival by: Ruelle
  19. Madness by: Ruelle
  20. Bad dream by: Ruelle
  21. Hold by: Daniela Andrade
  22. Run and hide by: Sabrina Carpenter
  23. Throw it away by: Kina Grannis
  24. Electric by: Shannon Saunders
  25. Waves by: Luna Shadows
  26. Compass by: Zella Day
  27. War of hearts by: Ruelle 
  28. Live like legends by: Ruelle
  29. Take it all by: Ruelle
  30. Weightless by: Layla
  31. Don’t forget about me by: Cloves
  32. Get up, Get on by: Jill Andrews
  33. I’m not ok by: Jill Andrews
  34. Unfold by: Alina Baraz
  35. Show me by: Alina Baraz
  36. Drift by: Alina Baraz
  37. Fantasy by: Alina Baraz
  38. Can I by: Alina Baraz
  39. Make you feel by: Alina Baraz
  40. Strange enough by: Vérité
  41. Young God by: Halsey
  42. Control by: Halsey
  43. Smokestacks by: Layla
  44. Ashes by: Madi Diaz
  45. Half light by: Banners
  46. Falling by: JOY.
  47. About us by: JOY.
  48. Crazy for you by: JOY.
  49. Before I sleep by: Joy Williams
  50. Indigo puff by: Layla
  51. Speechless by: Glades
  52. When it comes to us by: Frances
  53. Lullabies by: Yuna
  54. You and I by: Pvris
  55. Oh My Love by: Layla
  56. Blood Love by: Young Summer
  57. Bird by: Billie Marten 
  58. Stars by: Alessia Cara
  59. Outlaws by: Alessia Cara
  60. I was made for loving you by: Tori Kelly
  61. Vapour by: Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  62. The Ocean by: Mike Perry
  63. Sunset lover by: Petit Biscuit
  64. You’re mine (The chase) by: Meiko
  65. False alarm by: Matoma
  66. Runaway by: AURORA
  67. The Raid by: Wafia
  68. Out of it by: Mothica
  69. Dynasty by: MIIA
  70. The Emotion by: BORNS 
  71. Heartbeats by: Daniela Andrade
  72. Fear on fire by: Ruelle
  73. Up in flames by: Ruelle
  74. Oh My My by: Ruelle
  75. Deep end by: Ruelle
  76. Until we go down by: Ruelle
  77. Dear, Home by: EXES
  78. Lights by: Melanie Martinez
  79. Castle by: Halsey
  80. Lift me up by: Mree
  81. Landslides by: Zara Kershaw
  82. Salvation by: Gabrielle Aplin
  83. Only love (acoustic) by: Pvris
  84. Until the levee by: Joy Williams
  85. Moondust by: Jaymes Young
  86. Colors by: Halsey
  87. I walk the line by: Halsey
  88. Empty gold by: Halsey
  89. I get it now by: Fjord
  90. Light the sky by: Grace Vanderwaal
  91. Anchor by: Novo Amor
  92. Monsters by: Ruelle
  93. Magnets by: Disclosure/Lorde
  94. Sleep baby sleep by: Broods
  95. Between the devil and the deep blue sea by: XYLO
  96. Dust to dust by: The Civil Wars
  97. Someone that loves you by: HONNE 
  98. Elastic heart by: Sia
  99. Nothing to no one by: Gin Wigmore
  100. Hunger by: Ross Copperman
  101. Like I’m gonna lose you by: Jasmine Thompson
  102. I’ll be good by: Jaymes Young
  103. Black mud by: Layla
  104. Ghosts by: Ciele
  105. Wolves without teeth by: Of monsters and men
  106. Sacrifice by: Zella Day
  107. Waves that rolled you under by: Young Summer
  108. Wildfire by: Natalie Taylor
  109. Queen of peace by: Florence + The Machine
  110. Like I’m gonna lose you: Jasmine Thompson
  111. Black magic by: Keyes
  112. You should know where I’m coming from by: Banks
  113. I will be there by: Odessa
  114. Wildest dreams by: Madilyn Bailey
  115. Afterlife by: XYLO
  116. Empire by: Of monsters and men
  117. Human by: Of monsters and men
  118. I of the storm by: Of monsters and men
  119. Make it holy by: The Staves
  120. White noise by: Pvris
  121. Wild things by: Alessia Cara
  122. Scars to your beautiful by: Alessia Cara
  123. The fire by: Kina Grannis
  124. Waiting game by: Banks
  125. Eyes wide by: Meadowlark
  126. Coattails by: Broods
  127. The Fall by: Layla
  128. You by: Jill Baylon
  129. Awakening by: AURORA
  130. Rebirth by: Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  131. HEAVEN by: Troye Sivan
  132. Capsize by: Frenship
  133. Human by: Daughter
  134. Fly by: Meadowlark
  135. Human by: Gabrielle Aplin
  136. Shadow by: Birdy
  137. Silhouette by: Birdy
  138. Lifted by: Birdy
  139. Wake up with me by: Gabrielle Aplin
  140. Shallows by: Daughter
  141. Technicolour beat by: Oh Wonder
  142. White blood by: Oh Wonder
  143. All we do by: Oh Wonder
  144. Shark by: Oh Wonder
  145. Landslide by: Oh Wonder
  146. Without You by: Oh Wonder
  147. Back around by: Shannon Saunders
  148. Colour me green by: Shannon Saunders
  149. Storm by: Ruelle
  150. Dreams by: Gabrielle Aplin
  151. Warm day, cold war by: Bronze Radio Return
  152. In my veins by: Andrew Belle ft. Erin McCarley
  153. She’ll move by: Lucy Rose
  154. Shiver by: Lucy Rose
  155. Frail love by: Cloves
  156. Cold is the night by: The Oh Hellos
  157. Room by: Jillian Edwards
  158. Like home by: JOY.
  159. Sweater weather by: Jade De Mure
  160. Let it all go by: Birdy
  161. Habits of my heart by: Jaymes Young
  162. Wild ones by: Bahari
  163. I want it all by: Natalie Taylor
  164. Arsonist’s Lullabye by: Hozier
  165. Heavy weather by: Billie Marten
  166. Amsterdam by: Daughter
  167. Home by: RHODES
  168. Love life by: Natalie Taylor
  169. Falling for you by: Norman Doray
  170. Ribbon by: Billie Marten
  171. Holy by: Pvris
  172. Breaking down by: Lenachka
  173. Tethered by: Sleeping at last
  174. Skylines by: Glades
  175. Anywhere place by: Katie Costello
  176. Coming up for air by: Frances 
  177. Yellow light by: Of monsters and men
  178. Cosmic love by: Florence + The Machine
  179. Heavy in your arms by: Florence + The Machine
  180. Bodies and Beats by: Shannon Saunders
  181. Hurts like hell by: Fleurie
  182. Crazy in love by: Sofia Karlberg
  183. Midnight by: Coldplay
  184. Eyelids by: Pvris
  185. Sons and daughters by: Allman Brown
  186. Wings by: Birdy
  187. Shelter by: Birdy
  188. Fight the fire by: Layla
  189. Be together by: Wild Belle
  190. Start a riot by: BANNERS
  191. Bare by: WILDES
  192. Fool’s paradise by: XYLO 
  193. Heads or Tails by: JOY.
  194. Shore by: Daniela Andrade
  195. I’m in it with you by: Loreen
  196. One way or another by: Until The Ribbon Breaks
  197. Light by: Sleeping at last
  198. Turns you into stone by: Fleurie
  199. Saturn by: Sleeping at last
  200. I get to love you by: Ruelle
  201. Surrender by: Natalie Taylor
  202. Control by: Natalie Taylor 
  203. Come to this by: Natalie Taylor
  204. King by: Lauren Aquilina
  205. Leave your lover by: Echos
  206. I found by: Amber Run
  207. Come around by: Daniela Andrade
  208. Hunger by: Of monsters and men
  209. We sink by: Of monsters and men
  210. Winter sound by: Of monsters and men
  211. Cover us by: Natalie Taylor
  212. Volcano by: Emily Hearn
  213. Lean on by: Lennon and Maisy
  214. Together’s where we belong by: Jill Baylon
  215. The ladder by: Andrew Belle
  216. No light, no light by: Florence + The Machine
  217. Shake it out by: Florence + The Machine
  218. Never let me go by: Florence + The Machine
  219. This is the hunt by: Ruelle
  220. Aloha by: Mome
  221. Across the sea by: The Sweeplings
  222. Hurts so good by: Astrid S
  223. Atic by: Astrid S
  224. Breathe by: Fleurie
  225. Caves by: Haux
  226. I want to love you by: Lenachka
  227. Go slow by: Lenachka
  228. Heartburn by: Wafia
  229. Sweater weather by: James Harris
  230. 1000x by: Jarryd James
  231. Love somebody by: Ta-ku
  232. Jagwar by: SHELLS
  233. Headlights by: Meadowlark
  234. Empty streets by: Kota Banks
  235. I’m yours by: Alessia Cara
  236. Perfume by: SHAED 
  237. Tell her you love her by: Echosmith
  238. Adore (acoustic) by: Jasmine Thompson
  239. Invincible by: Ruelle
  240. Hurricane by: Halsey
  241. Coming Down by: Halsey
  242. Hold me down by: Halsey
  243. begin again by: Purity Ring
  244. Say you won’t let go by: James Arthur
  245. Die trying by: Michl
  246. Unbreakable by: Jamie Scott
  247. Anything you want by: HYDDE
  248. Crash by: Trella
  249. Thru by: Vallis Alps
  250. Loved You Before by: Natalie Taylor
  251. Technicolour by: Daniella Mason
  252. Waves by: Dean Lewis

- I recommend you listen to some of them, you may have heard some of them already. Use them for your imagination cause I know I do 😊. I think you’ll get a feel of the type of music, the style of it all, and what I was going for when I put it together. Take a listen! Most are on spotify! List is always changing, whether I add new ones or take some away that I may not find relevant anymore and such :)