Song for Someone Else by Eliza Taylor

Hello, goodbye my friend
I’m sorry that I’ve been so bent
Out of shape
I’m sure you’d make a wonderful partner
Truth ist that I do love you
And everything you are
But I do not deserve you
Not your mind and not your heart
Sorry that I made you think
Our future lay together
Laying there I met you stare I prayed for stormy weather
Pick a fight I hope you might see the sense in leaving
You didn’t though
But I made you go, despite your own believing 

I just saved you from myself
One day you might thank me
And take me off your shelf
Wish I could save me from myself
But until then I’ll jut figure it out and sing to
Someone Else
Yes, until then I’ll just figure it out and sing for
Someone Else

Omg WHAT it’s been a whole year since I made this blog! Here is a list of all my lovely mutuals (my faves are in bold) you’re all hilarious and make me laugh and I’m happy that I decided to make this blog 🦄⭐️ (ps I can’t use photoshop so I used concert photos rip)


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