So, my world fell apart today, found out my boyfriend of 5 years and father of my son cheated…a lot. I’m so sad it physically hurts, I can’t breathe without pain. I am devasted. But I have to smile for my son..he has no idea what’s about to happen to his family. And that causes the worse pain. All I can do is cry and listen to RED. @taylorswift bc I’m burning red. Bc I’m sad beautiful tragic. Bc I knew he was trouble. Bc it was treacherous. Bc I wanted to stay stay stay. Bc it was starlight one time. Bc I almost do want to work it out. But bc I know all too well, I can’t.
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Feel So Close: Chapter 5

Feel So Close is back in business (for now)! Meaning that @ttayvinaf​ and @tayvintrashcan​ are bogged down in finals but we still managed to crank out a lovely update. We were planning on a longer update but then it got to be like thirty pages so we split it into two parts. We’re still on semi-hiatus for a little while longer so don’t expect anything else too soon, but do trust that we ARE working on this (and on some other side projects) and we haven’t abandoned you. If you’re new here, you can catch up on the rest of the fic here

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Sacrifice – A Drabble


He’s often wondered what this night would feel like; always believing that it would be filled with excitement and anxiety.  He’s been dreaming of this for years, the time when his work, his passion, his art is recognized on a global scale.  He anticipated the butterflies in his stomach, the sweaty palms, the racing heartbeat.  He didn’t anticipate the emptiness.

He spoke with his mother earlier, accepting her exuberant congratulations and announcement of pride. He knows she is elated, ecstatic for him.  She’s been his biggest supporter, biggest fan, in this journey of his life.  She knows more than anyone what he has done, how hard he has worked, to get here.  The Emmy’s, she raved, next will be the Oscars.  Her words brought a smile to his face but then he heard her take a deep breath and knew what was to come. This is what you sacrificed everything for, she says after a few seconds.  Her words aren’t joyous and he is well aware why.  

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Hey, everyone. My partner, Taylor, just moved back to NYC from DC and now has no place to live after September 7th because she was roped into a housing scheme (info provided in link) and lost her down payment. Unfortunately, she cannot stay with me, and we cannot get her into a new room/apartment based off my financial help alone. She has temporary courier job as of right now, but her hours are limited. If you can, please donate or even just reblog/share this link! Either would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I received consent before drawing this fund up and all proceeds go straight to her bank account. Thanks so much again.

Family Secrets Verse: Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! We started this fic a little bit ago and have been saving it for the holiday. It’s set while Taylor and Adam are still dating in FS and it’s their first holiday that they’re spending together. Enjoy!

You should dress up tonight. –Adam

Taylor slid her phone into her lap, reading the message from Adam under the table. She didn’t think that anyone was watching her too closely but she hid the phone anyway. Her family was having their annual Fourth of July barbeque and, since it was only family attending, she was given a lot more freedom than normal. She hadn’t seen her father for a good forty-five minutes which was a rare occurrence at gatherings like this.

I didn’t realize we were seeing each other tonight. It’s a holiday. Don’t you have things to do with your family? –Taylor

I’m sorry. Are you busy? I should have asked. – Adam

Family BBQ but I’m free later. Probably a little later than usual though. Family is staying here… I’ll have to be extra careful. –Taylor

If you’d rather spend time with your family, I’d understand. – Adam

Come get me at 11? Unless that’s too late… –Taylor

It’s never too late. 11 it is. Like I said, dress up. See you soon. Xx – Adam

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