I listened to liability by Lorde and I read the lyrics and I just sat and thought about how men seem to be so intimidated by a woman who is very successful, who is following her dreams, who is really not reliant on anyone else and I am thankful that Taylor and Lorde are friends because I think they both share this reality and can rely on each other’s support bc while they may not have a romantic partner who at this point can deal with the reality of their lives and success they have each other and that is precious.

i love that through the “i’m waiting for it, that green light, i want it” parts of “green light” the stage is drenched with red, it’s a pretty clear image: i’m in the red light, i am deep within it, it’s all-encompassing, but i know the green will come and this is just for now.

but i also can’t not think of Bowie when i see Lorde performing in a red-lit stage – because that’s how the stage was lit throughout her entire tribute performance with Bowie’s original band at the Brits last year – which, in turn, was in reference (i’m pretty sure) to Bowie’s final Ziggy Stardust performance, in which the last song also had the stage lit in red. just a little thing, probably meaningless, but nice to look at

but then i’m also thinking about Taylor Swift and her self-aware heartbreak album Red, and its title track, which discusses maybe the same thing “Green Light” does but with focus on the red light, the feelings of now, the love that was (and was cut short) not the freedom/release/something that will come after the red, with the green. it’s like the songs complete each other, both in the exact same place and drenched in the same light, both so aware of their position, but one looking back and one looking ahead. 

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Hey Matt, I was wondering... Have you heard Lorde's new songs, Green Light and Liability? I think Jack Antonoff has made some great work there as a co-writer/producer, and that in Liability there are some lyrical influences from Taylor. What are your thoughts? Do you think we can expect a Taylorde collab anytime soon?

Excellent performance….both tracks I’ve heard are very good.


Did anyone else pick up on how at the end of the show, Scarlett gave Jack a shoutout?

…..(she and Jack used to date)….