Meet my best friend. Followers and friends, this is Taylor.

She loves coffee and squirrels, is a talented artist, and as you can see here - is a beautiful model when I get a chance to pull out my camera. She’s incredibly smart and funny and has a great way of telling stories. In these pictures I took a day to get here off campus and show her my backyard and hometown (and introduced her to the season known as autumn). The bottom one is my all-time favorite picture of her.

Both being communication design majors, we met at college orientation here in NY State a few years ago. We’ve enjoyed many classes, coffee breaks, and random excursions together. She hails from the state of California, and I got a chance to have her show me around the place she calls home on my recent visit there. 

Why am I tell you all this? Well, because I love this girl and want to share her with you! Also, she’s recently made the daring decision to follow her heart, leave college, and pursue her love of paint. I’m so proud of her. She’s slowly turning her room into a studio, and working hard at her website. I don’t know when I’ll see her again, I’ll miss her - especially during classes this fall, but I want most for her to be happy and doing what she loves. Wishing her great success and trying to do all I can to support her.

Do me a favor and head over to her tumblr: taylorcorrea.tumblr.com and check her out. A lot of her works on there I’ve photographed, and if you guys like what you see reblog/follow/like away! Help this gorgeous artist be seen, and hopefully her career started. And if you’re really interested email her, see if she has anything for sale. Thank you so much, you guys are the best.