Yesterday I used this wonderful washguard! I am so happy I was able to receive one because I have been wanting something exactly like this for a while now! It’s absolutely perfect for delicates! :) This washguard is an ultra fine, zippered, mesh bag. This is the safest and best way to watch delicates such as lingerie, bras, etc. It’s also much easier because you don’t have to wash anything by hand.  None of your clothes get snagged or ruined and the straps of bras don’t get tangled up. When I received it, it was perfectly intact although it was a bit stiff. However, after using it it loosened up. The washing process didn’t cause any harm to my clothing or the bag itself!

Here is a photo of the washguard (not taken by me).
Find this product here for $5.99!

I received this dress from Rosewe a few days ago!
The dress is black (my favorite!) and super comfortable. It’s the perfect length and style for me. I can wear it casually or for a special occasion. I’m super happy with it and it fits me so well. I’m also really glad I got my friend (the photographer) to think of this cool photo concept to go with it :)

View the dress here.

A big thanks to Rosewe for sponsoring me!
*Opinions expressed here are my own*

Photo: @voscilate

One of my favorite online stores, Romwe, sent this top to me! I really appreciate them sending this to me and absolutely adore it. It’s super soft and comfortable and also really cute! I love the shade of pink and cut-out design. It makes me feel so pretty which is a great quality for a piece of clothing to have!

Find the Cut-out Crop Sheer Pink Vest here!

A big thanks to Romwe for sponsoring me!
*Opinions expressed here are my own*

Today I will be reviewing an item from Mart of China!
Mart of China is an amazing and affordable site that sells wholesale clothing. Unlike many wholesale sites, they display accurate details of the products and each product is 100% brand new. I find the quality to actually be quite spectacular, and was very happy with my blouse. The shirt is oh-so-comfy and will be perfect for winter!

Find the shirt I am wearing in this photo here.

A special thanks to Mart of China for sponsoring me!
*Opinions expressed here are my own*