I received this dress from Rosewe a few days ago!
The dress is black (my favorite!) and super comfortable. It’s the perfect length and style for me. I can wear it casually or for a special occasion. I'm super happy with it and it fits me so well. I’m also really glad I got my friend (the photographer) to think of this cool photo concept to go with it :)

View the dress here.

A big thanks to Rosewe for sponsoring me!
*Opinions expressed here are my own*

Photo: @voscilate

One of my favorite online stores, Romwe, sent this top to me! I really appreciate them sending this to me and absolutely adore it. It’s super soft and comfortable and also really cute! I love the shade of pink and cut-out design. It makes me feel so pretty which is a great quality for a piece of clothing to have!

Find the Cut-out Crop Sheer Pink Vest here!

A big thanks to Romwe for sponsoring me!
*Opinions expressed here are my own*