i think the best part about my online life is that i aggressively love both taylor swift and one direction - as well as being a hard core larry shipper. so when stuff like this does down my twitter and tumblr is just chaos and i am entertained

Just a head's up

I’ve got a show coming up soon here in Seattle. In anticipation of that, this weekend I will be pulling some (possibly many) items down from my online store at bigcartel.com. 

So if there’s something you’ve been interested in but haven’t purchased yet I’d buy it, you know, now.


Today’s art:

The Awkward First Appearance of Lightning Lass.  

8" x 10"

pencil, acrylic paint, shellac on watercolor paper.

Notes from today:
Shellac is an evil mistress. Sometimes she plays well with others. Sometimes she makes things bleed.

My scanner doesn’t like hot pink one bit. I need to work on getting a photography setup going.

It’s going to take me some time to get my rhythm going, I think. And to figure out my tone as far as writing these short little blurb thingies.