‘This time I’m kind of just doing whatever I feel like. I felt like making a pop album, so I did. I felt like being very honest and unapologetic about it, so I did. I felt like moving to New York - I had no reason to, it wasn’t for love or business - so I did. I felt like cutting my hair short, so I did that, too. All these things are in keeping with living my life on my own terms. That’s what I’ve been celebrating about this phase in my life because it has made me really, really happy.’

e-blast #39

SPOTTED: Little J back at the Met, oh wait, I mean Little T 

As the co-chair of the Met Gala for 2016, you would expect a bold outfit choice from T and whilst she definitely delivered, we can’t help but notice a slight Jenny Humphrey vibe. T’s ‘electric gladiator’ look was complete with knee high wrap around sandals and a snake skin holographic metallic dress, with cut out detailing of course but I can’t help feeling like it is a little more ‘Brooklyn Badass’ than her usual Manhattan chic. 

Is it a bad thing for T to step out of her comfort zone? Vogue certainly didn’t think so, voting her best dressed. It might take a little getting used to, but what is so wrong with everyone having a small JH phase?