Tenth Avenue North - “By Your Side” btw. This is Me :)

This song is really meaningful and nice to show non-Christian friends because of it’s loving and universal message that doesn’t “beat you over the head with Christianity” so-to-speak in worldly terms.

  • Stutter
  • Shaun de Gracia
  • Enough Silly Love Songs

This is a song I wrote called “Stutter.” There’s a lot of worldly music out there about crushes and hook-ups, but here’s what goes thru the head of a young, unmarried Christian man, who happens to be shy when it comes to girls. I don’t mention God in it, directly, but there’s some strong references to vocation in it. I don’t always write Christian-songs but I hope it’s apparent that I’m a Christian writing songs.

btw. The mic in the picture is a Rode NT1-A, but on the track I’m using the Shure Sm7B. The “Thriller,” OneRepublic and rapper mic. I don’t have a nice mic-pre for it yet, maybe when I win the Lottery, I’ll get the Neve mic-pre they used on “Thriller.”