Taylor talking about dreams in her songs

Of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you

And you tell me about your dreams

I was a dreamer before you went and let me down

But I realized some bigger dreams of mine

Comes around when I’m not dreaming about you

We could form this dream

When I’m in this dream

Your little eyelids flutter cause you’re dreaming

And the camera flashes, make it look like a dream

Have ten kids and teach them how to dream

In dreams, I meet you in long conversation

My feels my hopes and dreams

In my dreams you’re touching my face

Even if it’s just in your wildest dreams

But every night with us is like a dream

I never dreamed of this

In silent screams and wildest dreams

‘Cause darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream

Hi Hiddlestoners!

There have been a ton of posts about you guys telling us about Tom, but for some reason, there really haven’t been a lot from us telling you about Taylor! I just saw this post from a girl saying that she didn’t know that much about Taylor so I just wanted to provide this post for you :) And so we begin… ten things to know about Taylor Swift and the Swiftie fandom:

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1) She has a lucky number: 13. That’s kind of an understatement. 13 is the holy grail number, and has been for years. Taylor was born on the 13th, she turned 13 on Friday, the 13th, her first album went gold in 13 weeks, her first song that went #1 had a 13 second intro, you get the idea. So she slaps it onto anything and everything. Worship the 13.

2) She has a thing for cats. This one might be obvious since her Instagram is peppered with videos and pictures of the cats, Meredith (named after Meredith Grey) and Olivia (named after Olivia Benson). She loves them. She has cats on everything. She has shoes with cats. She has a cat purse. You should see her house, for God’s sake. She says her and dogs don’t mix, but most of us beg to differ.

3) She has a squeak laugh. She always makes fun of herself for it, but it’s the cutest thing you will ever hear.

4) She is a feminist. She is known for slamming the media when they hit her with the “serial dater” label. She doesn’t tolerate it, and we don’t as a fandom either. She has a whole damn song about this topic. Ever heard ‘Blank Space’? Yup. But it probably won’t be a problem, based on what we’ve seen from Tom and your fandom so far.

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5) She doesn’t just write about relationships. This is probably the most common misconception about Taylor. It’s pretty sexist and annoying that she’s the only artist that is ever hit with this statement, even though that is all artists such as Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and One Direction write about. She has written about anything and everything: her family, her fans, a child who died of cancer, a friend with an eating disorder, the media, the 2009 VMA Kanye West situation, coming of age, being fifteen, being twenty-two, a harsh critic, moving to New York, and shaking off the haters.

6) She has an interesting relationship with us, the fans. She calls us her friends, and likes to stalk us online. She’s had an infinite number of free meet and greets over the years, none of that $1000 shit. She has sent fans Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts, and has donated thousands of dollars to fans for college, financial troubles, and medical needs. She has shown up to fans’ weddings, bridal showers, and houses. She invited fans into her home to hear her new album early. She does everything in her power to make us happy, and we are all grateful for it. If you ever come across someone who isn’t appreciative, they do NOT represent our fandom.

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7) She has many fears, some of them irrational. They go anywhere from harmless insects, to being framed for murder.

8) She has country roots. She grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania, and started her career touring for country artists, such as Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts. She gradually transitioned into pop, but even some of her earliest songs have a pop sound to them.

9) She has dated seven people in the last eight years. Take a minute to think about how many relationships people in their twenties usually have. Ditch the idea that she dates every guy that walks by her. It will just be less trouble for all of us.

10) She has an amazing fanbase, for the most part. If you stick to Tumblr, you’ll find that the majority of us are kind and positive fans. We aren’t the fanbase that attacks other fandoms, and we like to keep it that way. Instagram and Twitter can be a little iffy, but this site is mostly respectful. We just want Taylor to be happy, above all.

Welcome to the Swiftie fanbase!