taylor's real talk

Real talk, Taylor looked so insanely beautiful in that video. I know this is supposed to be her “dark” era but you could see a light in her eyes that just made it so obvious that she feels good and happy with herself and her life. She looked so healthy and strong and I am so proud of her.

i just wanted to say that i fully believe in ghosts, aliens, and magic

i believe that tarot cards can show the future

i believe in some superstitions 

i believe some dreams can be prophetic 

i believe spells/curses/hexes are real and can work

and i dont talk about it much because a)it’s been made to seem like a joke b)i was repeatedly told by some family members that it’s not real/fake c)it’s something i truly believe in and it’s a huge part of my life and the last thing i want is more people to personally tell me that it’s all in my head

Idk why but I see Trini and Billy as a hardcore Star Wars fans. She freaked out when the Last Jedi trailer was released and immediately sent Billy the link and they constantly talk about their theories.

“How did Kylo Ren survive?? Is Rey a grey Jedi, or do you think she’s just the last one? Do you think Finn’s gonna be okay?”

“Kylo Ren survived because he’s a dick. Finn is going to be completely fine and kill all of the first order, Billy.”

some of the bullshit you may hear and their appropriate reactions.

“i dont really fuck with J Cole”

“Kendrick Lamar aint really that good”

“rihanna is ugly, just look at the size of that forehead…”

“what is Dirty Sprite 2..?”

“Nicki Minaj aint shit!”

“2Chainz is the best rapper today”

“Snoop dogg is old and washed up, i dont really fuck with him”

“Lil Wayne’s got the best lyrics”

“im not a big fan of Watch The Throne, sorry”

i dont really like Usher, im not a big fan of R&B.”

“Gucci Mane aint no TrapGod”

“wait, who is Aaliyah?”

“Taylor Swift can sing”

“drake is such a fuckboy”

“im not a beyonce fan…”

There were other songs that she had written around the 1989 era that could have worked in country. And she goes: “You know what - I don’t want to put those songs on the record. This is where I’m going”.
—  Scott Borchetta.
Now, Taylor, let’s have a real talk. WHERE ARE THOSE SONGS

Some of you guys joke,but saying Tristan was gay because he was with Liz is actually really gross and invalidating her identity as a trans woman. It doesn’t matter if she “still has a penis” (this is something I actually saw someone say),she still identifies as a hetero woman. Trans people’s identities should be validated regardless of whether they’ve transitioned fully or how well they “pass” (and that includes not automatically assuming their significant others/sexual partners are queer for being with them) and that was exactly the message the show was trying to convey with those scenes in 5x06.

  • person: oh my gosh Taylor Swift can't sing.
  • me: *shoves the Speak Now World Tour Live CD, Riptide Cover and the Pop Goes Live 4 version of Shake it Off.*
  • person: She's still dumb all she writes about is boys.
  • me: *glares and shoves Clean, Bad Blood, Tied Together With a Smile, and The Best Day down their throats*
  • person: well she's such a bitch
  • me: *shows Taylor interacting with her fans, giving them wonderful advice, and sending gifts and being a wonderful person in general*
  • person: oh..i didn't really...
  • me:
  • person:
  • me: fuckin fight me.

ok but real talk taylor i know you say “i don’t trust nobody, and nobody trust me” JUST TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, you could tell me setting myself on fire and jumping in front of a train was the best thing to do I’D FUCKING TRUST YOU, I’D DO IT

Big named celebrities like Tyler Oakley are joining in on Taylor-bashing by liking tweets that CLEARLY go against their anti-cyber bullying stances. For people who want Taylor to “be real” and “talk about social justice issues”, maybe they should look in the mirror and see that they are the root of the problem and the reason this hatred/impact is spreading. They are the reason Taylor lost sight of her old reputation. They are the reason for this era.

So before these celebrities stab Taylor in the back more and jump on the bandwagon of dissing her, I hope they really think about their OWN impact and the hypocrisy they are living.