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The Only Exception
The Only Exception

People around me believe that I’m a kind of person who is detached and far removed the ordinary wheel that we call life. Harsh as it might sound but it is the general opinion. Single in thought, single in action, single for life. That’s how people think of me. People think that I’m a hermit, loner.

Yes, I am quiet. Far quieter than my classmate who suddenly goes rattling about love life and crushes whenever the opportunity arises. Because I think that talking is only done when necessary, but this does not imply that I am inclined toward being lonely, no.

I’m not indifferent as what I might appear to others. It’s just that I am more likely to show my enthusiasm towards those things that are more important in my perspective.

I’m not inclined towards groups not because I find groups as a total breach of my comfort zone but because I think that self-cultivation comes first and working with other people is not as vital as doing something by one self. This however does not necessarily mean that I am incapable of group –effort.

It’s just that, I am kind of person that is more inclined towards imperative more than any other inclination. I speak based on imperative, think based on the imperative and act based on the imperative. I am not single, I am just an individual who value critical things over others.

Photo by: Lorraine Teleron