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reaction compilation #77

Some very passionate reactions to page 38! Chara finally catches up with Frisk.

Never bring a snowball to a knife fight.

Was there ever any doubt?

I’m an adult!

No matter how dire the circumstances, true comedians never miss a pun.

* Can’t move your body.

Ah, that comment about the cover makes a lot more sense now!

I knew you were trouble when you walked in!

From personal experience, I can attest that adrenaline plus running at a full sprint will prevent you from feeling the cold.

(This is brilliant.)

Even though a bunch of Chara’s misdeeds are listed here, it’s interesting that the one thing not mentioned is the time they stabbed Frisk (twice).


The truth is Ed isn’t real. My name is Rupert Grint. After Potter, all I wanted to do was stretch myself, create some real magic, so I created a character. He’d have the voice of an angel, impossibly wispy facial hair, so I bought a guitar and a bunch of flannel and I called him Ed, Ed Sheeran. Such a weird name, right? Not a cool name like Rupert Grint. I just didn’t expect everyone to think he was real. He became my greatest acting achievement and the bane of my existence. I hate cats. All of them. Mine, Taylor’s, f**king allergic to them. I can’t balance it any more. From this day forward Ed is no more.


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When Zack starts going to Saturday detentions, he doesn’t mention the “detention” part to his mom.

A short piece I wrote because I loved Zack and his mom in this movie. ♥